Thursday, December 22, 2011

Mid Christmas Eve Eve Eve Babbling

Why did I have to come to work today?  SuperBoss isn’t here, the phone isn’t ringing, hardly anyone else is here.  I’ve already organized the three cubes used to for storage, packed up some files, and cleaned and organized the copy room.  Guess I could Swiffer the offices?

Steph is coming in town for lunch so I’m counting down the minutes to that.  Rumor has it our office is closing at 1pm tomorrow, after a pizza lunch.  That’s something to look forward to.


I haven’t had coffee since Sunday.  My stomach was icky Monday morning so I had green tea instead.  Actually, four cups of green tea.  And I was more alert and energized that usual.  So Tuesday, I stuck with the green tea.  Only two cups that day.  And yesterday, just one cup.  And I was still awake.

I’m on my second cup today and doing pretty well for 11:14am.  This is normally about the time I prop my elbow up on the desk, and rest my head in my hand and “rest my eyes” while moving my mouse around on a document. 


My shopping is 99.9% complete, yet I’m still a bit disappointed in myself.  I started in September.  My plan was to not have to go to a store after December  10th

Well, crap.

Christmas = 1 / Me = 0


I am having to consciously bow out of events right now.  I am beat.  I was going to attend Kayleigh’s Rainbow Girls meeting tonight, but in thinking about everything I want to get done before Sunday, and realizing that I still have to freakin’ work tomorrow, we have a party Friday night, we’re going to Bellingham on Saturday…..


When am I supposed to cuddle with Tom?!  And wrap Todd’s presents!?

So Kayleigh allowed me to bow out of tonight’s meeting.  I’ll go next month. Promise, sweetie.

(Maybe I can squeeze a soakie in there, too.)


Speaking of wine (wha...?), you should see the number of bottles in my office.  Holy Zinfandel!   The receptionist and I like to play the game Guess How Much This Bottle Is.  I end up finding every bottle on the internet and getting the price.  I could make a pretty decent credit card payment with all this money sitting around.


My therapist is not covered on my new medical insurance.  Which means I may have to compensate with drinking more wine.

I think liver transplants are covered, though, so it’ll be okay.



I have quite the vacuum discussion going on Facebook.  My dad-in-law is very pro Kirby.  I am not.  Let the trash talk begin!!


I think I’m already starting to get sad because Christmas is almost over.  I am SO not a summer person.  Summer does not make me happy.  Yes, the sun is nice, but it’s boring.   Christmas is festive and bright and colorful!  What can we do during the summer that is festive and bright and colorful?  Outdoor tiki decorations?  Palm tree lights?

If money were no object (here’s where Todd chimes in and says “But it is…”) I would decorate the shit out of every season.  I’d have different dishes and bedding for each.  I’d put out bunnies and flowers for spring, tiki torches and grass skirts for summer (all three weeks), and orange and purple lights all over the house for fall.

And because I would have all of this crap, I would of course need bins for everything.  Red and green bins for winter, purple bins for spring, black bins for summer and orange bins for fall.


And then I’d need some place to store all of these bins.  Which brings me to….


Did you know you can buy attic stairs to install?

These houses up here just have a hatch.  No ladder, like the pull down doors and ladders in Texas.  So to get in the attic, we have to drag our ladder upstairs, Todd puts on his mask (loose insulation up there), Todd moves the little hatch panel out of the way, then I have to hand stuff up to him or he hands stuff down.  Ridiculous.  But now!!

My next semi-big purchase will be stairs.  Once we have those, I can put boards across the beams up there and store stuff!  Like you’re supposed to in an attic!

I’m so excited.


What else is going on?  You’re probably itching to get back to your wrapping and your baking and your cuddling.  I should let you go.  If I don’t get a chance before Sunday, have a very Merry Christmas.

Or Happy Christmas, as they used to say.

Or Merry Ho Ho.  Which my mama always said.

Merry Happy Ho Ho!!

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