Monday, September 19, 2011

'Tis the Season!

I've already had a peppermint mocha this year.  I just couldn't wait until December.  Todd and I also looked at Christmas lights at Fred Meyer.  I want the big red 70's bulbs for the house, he says no.  Hmph.

I'm also pondering gift ideas, as my mother is already hounding me.  She's pretty much done with all of her shopping, but needs little last minute ideas.  So I started surfing.  And saving pictures.  And hyperlinks.  So I thought I'd share my (very short) list.  Make it easier for everyone.


I aspire to wear hats this year.  I think I might get a new, black, wool winter coat, but one without a hood (like my current one) because then I can justify a cute hat.  Like these.....

Since I'm narrowing my complete wardrobe down to red, black, white, gray and pink, I think I need a new purse.  Red would go with my new wardrobe.  And you know how I love patent leather.

The only pic I could find was from Dooney and Bourke, but gawd knows I would never spend $300 on a purse, nor would I ever accept a $300 purse.  I could probably find one like this in TJ Maxx or Ross.

I love the whole Anne Taintor line of stuff.  So bitchy, so passive aggressive.  Love it.  And there have been a few instances where I've wished I had a flask in my purse. 

And this calendar would be awesome for my cube.

I also love, love, love the Knock Knock line of stuff.  I think Super Boss would appreciate finding these stuck to his monitor.

And I realized the other day that I don't have a short strand of pearls.  My daddy bought me some ivory pearls for Christmas years ago that I still wear, but I'd like some bright white ones that are a bit chunkier.  And sometimes my long strand that I wind around my neck just doesn't work with the outfit.

I think I'm also finally finding my "look".  I've always wanted a distinct look, something other than jeans and a hoody.  Now that I'm downtown and dressing up, there's a few outfits that I've managed to piece together and I feel really comfortable and pretty in them.

Unfortunately, my look is not cheap.  Of course.  Mama used to say, "You've got champagne taste and a beer budget!" (She doesn't know that I can get champagne for a mere $10 these days....)

Betty, Joan and Peggy
Anywho, Banana Republic has a fabulous theme going on right now - Mad Men

I love it. 

My hips and boobs were MADE for this era.  Joan?  Oh yeah.  I can totally pull off this look.  And I love wearing dresses much more than pants - way more comfy.  H&M also has some very 60s dresses and suits, and they're much cheaper. 

So, this Christmas I will work on defining my look.  Gift cards (to most anywhere) for clothes are always appreciated.  I realize the hats above are not 60s really, but I can span the decades a little, right?

I should start working on my Christmas card list......


Anonymous said...

I think you would look absolutely fabulous in the 60's dresses - you're definitely built for them...

love ya, mama

Anonymous said...

And you've always looked great in hats!


What do you mean, Counting Fish? said...
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Rachelle said...

You should check out my friend Amy's blog, she is starting a seamstress business of sewing custom vintage dresses. : )

Dee said...

You could definitely rock the hats. Wish I was a hat person. I just look like a dork and then have hat hair :)