Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What's Up With Me

The job is going very well.  I'm feeling very stable.  And Super Boss is a hoot.

Since that's not consuming my every emotion now, I've had some free brain power.  And Todd and I have discovered some new music.  The Civil Wars.  They're amazing.

So amazing that it makes me sad.  I wanna sing music like this.

The chemistry between them is almost uncomfortable, as they're both married to other people and they look so in love with each other.  It just kills me.

And keeping with the powerful music theme......

Kayleigh asked me to sing with her last night.  Now that she has her braces and torture device, there are some letters she can't pronounce.  So singing is no fun.  Since I was in a good mood and had no plans at all for the night and already had a glass of white wine in me, I said sure.

And she played Adele's "Someone Like You".  On the guitar.  By finger picking.

The kid is freakin' amazing.

Don't know the song?  Here.

I've heard the song a few times, and I know the chorus pretty well, but I'd never heard the rest of the lyrics.  So as I was reading them for the first time and singing them, my breath just caught. 

Oh, the flashbacks.  That moment where you hear that someone you used to be with is getting married, or has already gotten married, and while you're very happy for them because you weren't entirely satisfied in the relationship (if you can call it a relationship, which you can't because he literally hid the fact that you were spending five nights a week together and he would even leave the party early, then hide around the corner until all of your friends left so they wouldn't see that he was spending the night, even though he would hardly acknowledge you at the party because he didn't want people to think that he actually liked you), a little part of you wants to show them how sad you are.  And you kind of hope that it makes them a little sad.  Kind of.  Maybe. 

Could just be me.

Anywho, I'm happy it's over and we've moved on and I am very much in love with my wonderful husband, but dammit, why didn't he want to marry me?!

I can blog about this because Todd knows all of this and he understands and he knows that I love him (as do you, my faithful reader) and he knows I'm very happy where I am.

The song just struck a major chord.

So, that's what's been up with me.  Music stuff.  And planning the launch party for the web series.  And gearing up for fall.  And trying to find a red pencil skirt.

Life ain't too bad right now.

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