Monday, June 13, 2011

Weekend Update

Friday wasn't such a bad day at work, but by gawd I was pissed that evening.  My nerves were raw and I found myself slamming the dishes down a little too loudly.  Guess it was just a rough week.  Or True Grit.

But I woke up Saturday feeling much better.  Guess I just needed to sleep in.

I was up relatively early, and showered, so Todd and I could finally go get my oil changed and do a little running around.  We came back home and lounged around until 4:30pm, and then it was time to get purty and head out to our benefit gig.

The Twelfth Night crew was putting on a show for one of their own, Hannah, to raise money so she could join The Reel Grrls in Korea.  The informal show was held at Hannah's grandmother's retirement community and while we weren't really expecting the senior residents to be in the audience, it's a good thing they were.  We had quite the crowd!

Todd, Kayleigh and I performed a couple of songs, and the others performed songs and skits.  All very funny.  And the old people loved us!  I told Mary, the Twelfth Night head chick, we should do this once a month.  Most of the residents are in walkers and can't get around very well, so how happy would they be if we brought a performance to them?  The people with Twelfth Night are so funny and so talented - they really do put on a great show, even if they're just getting up and singing a silly song, or doing a quick 10 minute skit.  I think that would be a ton of fun.

After the gig, we headed over to Steve and Steph's.  At one time there was a party planned, but that party had been postponed, but we still wanted to hang out with them.  Kayleigh ended up playing guitar and Steve got out his base, and I help Isa get ready for bed.  Such a nice night.

Sunday, up again pretty early for me.  At 8:30am.  Ug.  Todd made biscuits and gravy, then it was time to get on it!  Laundry, dusting, vacuuming, cleaning the kitchen, more laundry, filing, purging.  Whew!  Todd ran some errands, Kayleigh was catching up on homework and Tyler was downstairs, so I cranked up the radio and had a good ol' time with myself.

When Todd got home, it was time for the dreaded grocery shopping trip.  There's too many people, the food's too expensive, the bags are too heavy and then we have to put everything away, which means we end up cleaning out the fridge because we have tons of leftovers that never get eaten....


I don't like part of being a grown up.  Well, there's a lot I don't like about being a grown up, but that's my current complaint right now.

And Sunday evening was a lovely dinner of penne pasta with meat sauce, a salad, and a beautiful Coppola Claret.  We love our Coppola wines.  Haven't had a bad one yet!

I'd actually thought about added yet ANOTHER tab up there entitled "Wines" so I could give my little review of new and exciting wines I come across.  But 1) I don't know if I have the dedication to keep that up when I can't seem to get more than a couple posts up a week and 2) you might catch on to how much wine I consume.

The movie of the evening was Black Widow.  I posted about it in the Movie tab.

And after the movie, sleep.  Precious, precious sleep.

Which is what I'm going to do right now because Todd and I actually went for a walk this evening and my poor body is so used to the couch and the cold weather that it is now exhausted.  It's very sad.

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Anonymous said...

I definitely think you should make the performance at the retirement center a monthly thing. We old people enjoy stuff like that!
And keep up the walking. If I can do it in the pool 2 or 3 times a week, surely you can manage a few trips around the block every week :)

love ya, mom