Sunday, May 29, 2011

Country Bumpkin, Day 1

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you know that when I visit my parents, the visit is summed up in bullet points.  Most of the time there's just too much crammed into a day, and by the end of that day when I finally have a chance to sit down and blog, I'm exhausted.

So, as not to break tradition, here ya go:

* Upgrade to business class on the Seattle to Milwaukee leg of the flight.  Because I'm spoiled.

* Start the vacation off with a jack and coke, while the 29 year old mother next to me starts her vacation off with a Cabernet.  We toast.

* Then sleep. Well, kind of.  My back was tweaked which made my legs restless so I couldn’t get comfortable.  But I did doze a little.

* Change flights in Milwaukee.  Witness a complete asshole chew out the ticketing agent at the gate because the flight is over sold.  Yeah, totally that guy's fault.

* Talk with a very nice man from Pittsburgh (thus, renewing my faith a bit about Pittsburgers - swear ta gawd, that's what they're called).  He's a bass player in a very popular band in town.  They play at Steelers' games.  The hour went by quickly.

* Mom and dad pick me up, we head home.  Stop for breakfast at Bob Evans.  Cause I love me some Bob Evans.

* I fall asleep on the the second leg home, despite two cups of coffee.  I am awesome.

* Finally home to sit on the porch for three hours and chat.  Wonderful.

* Can't figure out what to do for dinner, so after 30 minutes of back and forth, decide on Subway.  Don't really feel like I'm on vacation.  Mom must make fried potatoes, pinto beans, corn bread and wilted lettuce at some point this week.
* Quick grocery store run for necessities (body wash, english muffins and Nutella - mom's curious) then home to eat and back on the porch.  The deer come for dinner.

* Snoozing on the couch with Goober, while listening to the Gaither Brothers on TV.  Mom loves them.
* Shower, then more snoozing. Dad wakes me to come look at the bunny in the yard.  Cute little bunny.  Goober stalks a bird.
* Show and tell with mom and YouTube, then my hubby calls.  So nice to hear his voice.  He's entertaining Steve, Steph and Isabella and while I am overwhelmed with jealousy, I remember that they live very close by and I can see them most anytime. 
* Mom says goodnight (dad went to bed a while ago) and goes to bed, hubby says goodnight and I finish up this post.  I am a loyal vacation blogger.
* Tomorrow there will be pictures.  Promise.


Best Airport Advertisement Ever:

If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing faster.

Um.  I beg to differ…..

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