Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Very Late Weekend Update

Last weekend was busy. Period.

Up early on Saturday to help Amy move (Kayleigh joined me) then the stars aligned and Kayleigh had an overnight so Todd and I got to attend a party we were invited to earlier that day. Always fun. And lots of new people. And some…old people. Er. Old friends. ThorNton Creek’s ex-bassist was there was his wife. I hadn’t seen him in a few years and coincidentally, he had just requested my friendship on Facebook! Funny.

Up early on Sunday to make breakfast because Todd’s work partner, Brian, was coming over for an Airship Daedalus meeting (please notice the new banner on the right hand side of the page.  Because I am the best wife EVER).

This has become an every weekend thing. I like it. Brian comes over early on Sunday, Todd makes breakfast, I don’t even bother to ask Brian if he wants coffee, I just fix it for him (cream and sugar), we eat, then Todd and Brian work, while I clean the kitchen. Brian is usually gone by noon or 1pm so we have the rest of the day to be domestic.

However, on this particular Sunday, I was domestic at someone else’s house.

Stephanie referred me to a friend for a spring deep clean. So, I spent five hours dusting, de-cobwebbing, vacuuming and scrubbing a cute, little house. Very gratifying. And an extra $100 to boot!

That night, the money really wasn’t worth it as I could hardly walk. The old body ain’t what it used to be. Todd and I were supposed to go grocery shopping (HA!) but gawd bless my man – when I got home, he said “I’m thinking Chinese take out tonight.”

Right on, baby.

And the movie of the evening was Whip It, which is one of my absolute favorite movie now. It’s just a feel good, funny, sweet, rockin’ movie. Go Drew Barrymore.


Side note - I saw a personalized license plate this morning.


Um. I wonder if they meant sweet urine, or someone made a typo?


Holy crap.
My 36th birthday is in three weeks. How the hell did THAT happen?!

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Anonymous said...

Time flies, huh???
love ya, mom