Thursday, March 31, 2011

Random Thoughts

It’s been a bad week. My mood is just in the toilet.

I hate this. Todd is being extra lovely and helpful, for which I am very thankful, but I’d like to snap out of it and be happy, please.

An example of my mood?

I’d been meaning to clean the bathroom for three days because Nancy and Bob were visiting Wednesday evening. It had been a while and there was litter everywhere and the toilet was icky and how embarrassing for my in-laws to think that I can’t keep up on my housekeeping?

I never got it done. And I didn’t really care. I came home from work a smidge early on Tuesday and promptly fell asleep for two hours. Then couldn’t really muster the energy to do anything productive. Didn’t even do the dishes after dinner. Just stacked them nicely on the counter.

That’s a clear sign, isn’t it?


I just noticed last night that our dental floss is made in Ireland. Huh. How much does it cost to import dental floss from Ireland? Seems kind like a waste of money. Don’t we make that here?

And it doesn’t even taste like whiskey or leprechauns.


What gets me through a slow work day?

Blamimations by Kris Straub and Scott Kurtz.

You may remember the name Kris from my ECCC post - his table was blocked by another artist’s line, so I had to do some crowd control for him. He’s a sweetie.

I love Blamimations because I don’t have to watch it to laugh. The animation isn’t really the funniest part – it’s hearing Kris and Scott do all of the voices and just banter off each other. So, I just stick in my earbuds and plug away at work and laugh my ass off.

Too bad these only come out once a week.


It’s a sad day for me. I just learned (two years after the fact) that David Lake, the Columbia Winery winemaker, passed away.

The David Lake Series is my absolute favorite line of the Columbia Winery wines. It was the wine I purchased on special occasions.


And finally, on a happier note, you know how addicted I am to cute little puppehs and kittehs. They keep me going through the day.

But today, holy crap. I laughed at this one until I had tears rolling down my face.




I was in charge of dinner tonight, so I picked up some pork tenderloin, veggies, wild rice and a bottle of Waterbrook Meritage.

Rae-rae is feelin' much better now.

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Kristin said...

LOVE that video! And I've been in a mega-funk too. For two weeks. Oops. It hasn't been pretty at my house. I think I'm coming around though. The fact that it's Friday helps.

Love ya!