Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Now Back to Your Regularly Scheduled Blog...

Hi, boys and girls!

Now that the monster ECCC post is done, we can get back to the random things of Raechelle-land.

First, updated hair.

The pic just doesn't show how red it is.  Bummer.
But trust me - it's red.  And I love it.

Ron came over a few weeks ago when Theresa came up, and of course, Tom claimed Ron's lap.  Well, kinda.

Yo.  What up?

Ron didn't provide a solid lap, but that didn't stop Tom.  He was still pretty comfy.

Michael and Chris came over for dinner last weekend.  They hadn't been formally introduced to the new house.  So I made my world famous enchiladas and our guests brought the tequila for margaritas. But they also brought a housewarming present.

That Michael.  He knows me so well.  He knows that Jack and I had to break up recently, but he figured I'd be safe with Gentleman Jack.  Ha!  Gentleman Jack is the biggest whore of them all.

A side note; Michael also brought a cute little flask to the wedding.  When I first saw him, after the ceremony, he wiggled the flask at me and said something like, "Jack would like to say congrats."

Gawd bless him.

Anyway, what else has been going on?

Kayleigh has been sick since Sunday, Todd got sick on Monday, and I took a sick day today for care taking and appointments.  And I also conveniently squeezed in a Habitude trip, using my Christmas present from Ann.  Thank you, Ann!

I am rubbed, exfoliated, buffed and painted.

It's like putting the oxygen mask on yourself before helping other passengers.  One must take care of one's self, before helping others.  So I took care of myself.  And my nails, all 10 of them, are very pretty.  And red.  Ha!

Today was also my first facial.  When the woman put the magnifying light on me and looked at my face, she said, "Do you ever drink water?"  She said my poor skin is extremely dehydrated.  I told her I am well aware.  I ended up drinking lots of water today (hydrating my pampered skin) and I'm celebrating with two three glasses of wine tonight.  It all balances in my head.

What's coming up?

We're helping a friend move on Saturday.  I actually went over after work last week and helped her pack.  I blew through that kitchen!  She was very appreciative.  Like, happy hour appreciative.

So, she moves on Saturday.  We'd been invited to go salsa dancing on Sunday, but Todd has a work meeting, so we'll go next month.  I may just enjoy yet another Sunday with no plans.  Last weekend I was as worthless as a bump on a log.  Didn't get out of jammies all day Sunday.  I laid on the couch with Todd, and Kayleigh on the love seat, and watched movies all day.  How long has it been since I've had that kind of time?

I felt guilty all day.  Maybe I'll actually get dressed this weekend.

Side note; The Abyss is a freakin' awesome movie.  Todd's been suggesting it for a long time, and I kept resisting.  It was underwater, it was some action alien thing.  I just didn't care.  But I gave in, and holy geez, I'm glad I did.  Just beautiful.  And Ed Harris is a hunk.


Let me leave you with a picture of Elvis.  We'd just done laundry and Elvis was enjoying the warm socks.

I love that he has one fang sticking out.  Cutie pie.


Kristin said...

Your cats are hysterical! And so cute :)

R - The Blonde One said...

I loved The Abyss and definitely developed a crush on Ed Harris from it. I'm cackling that you are almost imperceptibly being morphed into a geek...welcome!!!

TD said...

I *told* you The Abyss was good.

@R - Isn't it cute? ;-)