Saturday, January 1, 2011

This Year Goes to 11!

(Thanks for the line, sweetie.)

Happy New Year, dear readers!  Just when I get used to writing 2010...

Todd and I threw the kids on a ferry yesterday afternoon and shipped them off to their uncle's for the night.  Oh, I joke.  Uncle Gavin invited them.

At 6pm, we met Steve, Stephanie and Isa at Endolyne Joe's for dinner.  We were going to gather at Steve and Steph's, but she called earlier and said she wasn't up for cooking so could she take us out to dinner?  Well, you betcha.

And after dinner, we caravaned over to Trish and Dan's for a New Year's gathering.  We joined Gary and Amy, and Trish's brother and sister-in-law.  We drank and laughed and played spikey ball with Isa (I lost.  I still don't know how.)  There was some X-Box dance game that was just odd, and then the mocking of the New Year's Eve show.  A lovely night.

I'm feeling pretty good today, despite the numerous glasses of wine and not getting to bed until after 1am.  Todd and I took down the Christmas decorations, which always just depresses the shit out of me, and then we met some Twelfth Nighters for a quick drink and too see Muriel, who is visiting from Chicago.

Muriel is one of the reasons Todd and I met.  She was the vocalist for the And Tears Fell project, but after recording the CD, she moved away.  So Todd placed the Craigslist ad looking for a new vocalist, I responded, and BAM.  Love.

I gave her a big hug when we met.

After drinks was grocery shopping (I hate grocery shopping.  Hate it.) then dinner.  Todd made fried rice.  It's sooo good.  Big bowl o' comfort food.

And tomorrow is the last day of holiday vacation.  Sniff.  I'll be spending it cleaning for Rachelle.  She emailed a few weeks, asking if I could recommend someone to do a deep cleaning for her.  I said I didn't really know anyone anymore, and regardless, no one is as good as I am. 

Cocky, aren't I?

So, I offered to do her cleaning.  A few extra dollars ain't gonna hurt?  And I'm actually thinking I'd like to pick up a few deep cleanings.  The extra money would come in handy, post Christmas.

I'll have to think about that.

Anywho, happy new year!

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