Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Random Updates and Thoughts and Crap

From the “When It Rains It Pours…” column:

It seems that trying to get our finances in order to build a second story on top of our house is not nearly stressful enough. Because now our cottage has a leak.

Maybe it felt left out.

It’s probably had a leak for years, hence the blue painting tape that is “suturing” the “boil” in the ceiling in the storage room.

But with all the snow and now rain we’ve been having, we’ve found water. So, Todd and I moved the most expensive stuff (keyboards, costumes, wedding dress) out of that room and put down a bucket for the water to drip into. Luckily, the room is severely slanted, any random water is just going to run to the edge of the room, which is now cleared, and away from all the other junk.

Look at me, finding the silver lining…

Our next step is a tarp over the roof (you can take the girl out of the country…) and maybe lancing the boil of water in the ceiling.

While wearing a hazmat suit, of course.


Dear Santa,
One hundred thousand dollars. That’s all I’m asking for this year. Forget the dance shoes, forget the boots, forget the bubble bath.

Mama needs cold, hard cash to fix her roof and build her master suite. Or mama is going to freakin’ lose it.


PS If you’ve already bought the boots, it’s okay. I’ll live.


I’m dragging this holiday season. The tree is up. The lit garland on the archway is up. And we just left the lights on the house from last year, so that’s done. Except, two strings are burnt out.

You would think it would drive me nuts, right?

You are correct. It looks trashy.

So then why I haven’t I done anything about it yet? Or at least badgered Todd to do something about it?

Because I think I’ve hit that age where it’s just all a pain in the ass. That tree took enough effort. We bought pretty little lights to line the sidewalk, too. They’re still in a box by the front door.

What am I waiting on?

And should I up the dosage on my pills?


I volunteered to help at Todd’s final show of “It’s a Wonderful Life” Sunday afternoon. I was just going to help with strike (breaking down the set and storing everything afterward) but since I was comped a ticket to the show, I ended up working concessions and just doing anything anyone asked me to do. Afterwards, was the cast party with pizza and adult beverages.

And it was a ton of fun.

I told Todd, I need to do that more often, especially if he’s in or directing the show. The people are awesome and funny as hell. It’s three hours of laughing your ass off. How is that a bad thing?


Also, this weekend, Todd and I shopped til we dropped on Saturday.

But first, I was awakened at 4am by heartburn that I thought was going to kill me (and yes, the words “heart attack” crossed my mind). I blame the rich food and oodles of wine from our dinner at the Bohemian with Nancy and Bob on Friday. Or maybe it was an omen, as the Bohemian shut it’s door very abruptly on Monday. Huh.

Anyway, I was up at 4, pleading for a quick death, so I moved to the leather couch because 1) I didn’t want to wake Todd with my pleading 2) it was cooler than the bed and I was burning up and 3) I needed Tom cuddles to make it all better.

I dozed off and on until 8am, when Todd woke up. And I figured since I was up so early, we might as well get out and about before everyone else.

We finally got back home around 3pm. Just in time for Todd to rest up before his Saturday night show, and for me to get into my jammies and prepare for the onslaught of teenagers. Only two extra ones this weekend, but still enough to make me use my mom voice and threaten to send everyone to their room if they didn’t stop saying “slap the monkey”.

Speaking of the fluffy animals, funny story.

Elvis isn’t much of a cuddlier, but he gets in his moods early in the morning. Usually, he lays on Kayleigh while she’s waiting around until it’s time to walk to the bus, or on Todd before anyone else gets up. He purrs so very loud and even drools. It’s just adorable. Until he decides he’s had enough and bites you.

Anyway, they were both sleeping on the back of the loveseat, at the front window, when I got onto the couch. Tom lifted his head for a minute, but then laid back down. Elvis, however, got up slowly, nonchalantly, and stretched, then walked over and just plopped down on my chest and started purring.

After a few minutes, Tom got up and walked over sat on the floor beside the couch, looking up to see if there was any room for him. Elvis just kept purring.

Well, Tom didn’t like the looks of this at all. He sauntered off into the kitchen and I closed my eyes again. Then I heard him batting around a piece of food on the hardwood floor. Of course, Elvis’ ears perk up and he’s all interested in what’s going on there. A few seconds later, Elvis jumped down and ran into the kitchen.

I don’t think Elvis even made it all the way before Tom came running in, jumped up on my chest, and just sprawled from my neck to my belly.

Sneaky little booger….


And speaking of Tom, I told Todd that I bet if I got a baby sling and put Tom in there, he’d be just as happy as a clam and let me carry him around all day.

Todd replied, “That would officially make you a crazy cat lady. I’m just sayin….”

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