Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Unlike last year, we Downings had a very merry Christmas.  We've discovered the perfect recipe - stay home.  Let everyone disperse as they wish.  Sleep for three hours in the afternoon.


We were awakened at 7am, as usual.  Within the hour, we'd unwrapped all the presents, Tyler had gone downstairs to install his new game, and Todd and I had gone through two cups of coffee. 

My mother tickled me pink with my new apron.

"Will Cook For Shoes"

Speaking of pink, notice the new pink slippers from Todd.  He didn't even coordinate with her!  I'm just officially a lover of pink now.

Todd got a kick out of the boxers that mom and dad sent him.

We love the hillbillies.  Mom also sent a box of Teays gravy, some roadkill rub (yes, I'm serious) and gingerbread cake mix that you cook in pretty white teacups.

I told her, don't give me any shit for gaining weight.

The kids enjoyed their Walking Dead comic books, video camera, electric shavers (for both of them....our babies are growing up!) and Starbucks gift cards, along with other odds and ends.

The cats could care less about presents and wrapping paper.  They were wrestling for a good two hours straight.

And Todd bought me a new lap desk for my laptop.  Because I had been using the one that a family friend made me when I was....10?

Those splotches you see?  Nail polish.  This is what I've used to paint my nails for 20 years.  It started hemorrhaging stuffing a few months ago, so I've got tape on three different places.  It was actually comical - I'd get up from the bed or the couch after being on my laptop and there would be a pile of stuffing.

After presents, Todd made yet another batch of banana bread, we got cleaned up, then Todd made brunch as Grandma Kit was arriving at 11am.

Grandma Kit knitted me (and Kayleigh, see photo above) fingerless gloves.  I LOVE THEM.

My hands get really cold at work, but I can't wear gloves because I can't type with them.  So these are perfect!  And I look so hip.

Grandma Kit bought Kayleigh "Clue" which I'd never played (gasp...I know, I know) so we played a round.  I'm not sold on it just yet.  Maybe I was just too tired to keep up.

And then it was 2pm, so Grandma Kit packed up and left and Todd and I passed out for a few hours.  I feel much better now.

The kids are still in their rooms entertaining themselves.  Todd and I are watching the Dead Can Dance (a band) video I bought him.  He is, in his words, losing his shit.  I think I did good.

Now I think I need a bite of food and a glass of wine to begin round two of Christmas.

Love to all.

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Lucy Leadskin said...

You had the *perfect* Christmas. Woo-hoo! Stay warm.