Monday, December 28, 2009

Post Christmas Lull

It’s that quiet week between Christmas and New Year’s, when I finally have a moment to sit down and say hi.


I would like to tell you that we all had a wonderful Christmas, full of joy and cheer and general merriment, but unfortunately, that would not be true. As noted before in my blog and Todd’s, holidays and special occasions tend to trigger some anxieties and heavy emotions for our son. And such was the case on Christmas day.

But we did get to spend time with the family in Bellingham on the day, and Santa brought us a Wii and Rock Band, so on Christmas evening, Kayleigh, Todd and I got our rockin’ on (well, I had a cold, so my “rockin’” was a bit raspy and low energy) and I sung 100% on “Hungry Like the Wolf”. So, that’s something.

Saturday was a semi-lazy day, with a quick trip out to Doug and Ann’s for their holiday open house. The rest of the weekend was spent in jammies, either reading or watching movies and eating. A perfect weekend in my book.

And now I am back at work. I’m still sniffling and sneezing, and I’m just pooped from actually being up and awake for so long, but hopefully, I am on the mend and ready for a par-tay on Thursday night.

Oh, but there won’t really be a par-tay. We’re just hanging with Trish and Dan and playing games. I wanted to go to a par-tay so I could get all gussied up and wear uncomfortable shoes, but neither one of us are up for that this year. We’re looking forward to a nice, quiet evening with a couple of good friends. Very low key. Very low energy.

Unlike 2009.

At least we get to be together this year.

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The Mysterious Traveler said...

"gussied up and wear uncomfortable shoes." The story of my 30s.