Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Outing

Today, Rae-rae broke out of her comfort zone.

Grandma Kit had invited Kayleigh and a friend to go downtown and look at all kinds of Christmasy stuff.  Kayleigh invited her three friends, but none of them could make it.  She came to us last night, tears in her eyes, saying "No one can go!  I don't want to go by myself!"

I understood.  I used to spend two or three weeks each summer at Granny and Paul's.  The times when I was forced to interact solely with them was painful.  Thirteen year olds don't know what to talk about with their Grandmas.

So I was a good mom and offered to come along.  I've always wanted to go downtown at Christmas time, but my anxiety didn't think that would be fun at all.  But since Kit was driving this outing, I thought this would be the best way to go about it.

Kit picked us up at 12:30, and we headed to Seattle Center to see WinterFest.  When we first arrived we saw the Hot Dog jump roping troupe.

Then we found the train and the winter village.  It was like mom's winter village on steroids.

From Seattle Center, we took the infamous Monorail (which was actually working!) to Westlake Center.

Kayleigh did not approve of my documentation.

We first visited The Olympic Fairmont Hotel for their incredible Christmas trees....

Live tree.  HUGE.

And the Teddy Bear Suite.  The Teddy Bear Suite was in one of the suites at the hotel.

"Designed by Kevin Bradford, a Seattle-based interior and event designer and brimming with dozens of fluffy teddy bears. The Teddy Bear Suite welcomes thousands of visitors throughout the holiday season. Take holiday photographs, read one of the teddy bear-themed children's books and enter to win tea in The Georgian. Donations taken at the Teddy Bear Suite benefit uncompensated care at Seattle Children’s Hospital."

Kayleigh wouldn't pose with me.

After the Fairmont Hotel, we walked to the Sheraton to see the Gingerbread Village.

Who wants SUGAR?!

And after the gingerbread houses, we popped into Westlake Village for some coffee and a munchie.  And we past these gentleman singing a capella.

They were wonderful.

After grabbing some coffee, we were pooped and it was time to hop back on the monorail and get home.  But poor Kayleigh.  As soon as we got home, she and Todd walked down to the Junction for some last minute shopping.  I took the opportunity to finally wrap Todd's presents, which turned into cleaning up and organizing the Christmas wrapping bins, which turned into cleaning up and organizing the DVDs that were laying all over and then the corner by the couch where Todd's papers, games and pillows all seem to accumulate.

I settled down when the pizza arrived, but then finished up the Christmas cards and started a spreadsheet of Christmas card recipients.  It's time the husband and I combined our lists and I was feeling discombobulated.

Now here we are, two glasses of French wine later and it's quiet in the house and the tree is lit and my man and my cat are laying next to me.

Day two of Christmas vacation is a success.

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