Sunday, November 21, 2010

Weekend Update

What's this?  A weekend update...during the weekend?!


No.  Just downtime.  Todd's at rehearsal, Kayleigh's in her room and Tyler and I are watching The Simpsons.  Since Fox is actually coming in today.

It's a quiet evening.

Friday night was pizza (not in the mood to cook) and Shadow of the Vampire.  It's a mock making of Nosferatu. It was really good.  Of course, we had to watch Nosferatu afterwards.  I've never seen it.

On Saturday, I was supposed to go to Ann's and help organize her kitchen while Todd (and Steve) were at a film shoot.  They were playing extras.  But Ann had to cancel, so I found myself with a wide open Saturday.  I should have gone and visit CB's new baby, Elijah.  He was born on November 5th and I just haven't had a chance to go by and meet him yet.  But I had a bit of an...odd week, so I've been clinging to home as much as possible.  I'll talk about that later.

So rather than go visit the new baby, I stayed home (except for a brief run to Bartell's for Swiffers and Prozac - insert joke here) and cleaned, cleaned, cleaned. Kayleigh was practicing guitar all day and Tyler had Miles over, so I got through the living room and dining room, dusting and vacuuming, but boy when I got the bedroom, I went to town. 

I pulled out the nightstands and vacuumed behind them.  I reorganized Todd's clothes that were on the bookshelf and put his shorts away which made more room for books.  I weeded out my bath basket and got rid of some stuff I haven't used in the last year.  I cleaned off and oiled the dressers and then moved into the closet and reorganized that, got rid of some boots (I know!) and straightened up my sweaters.

It was a very good day.

Todd got back around 6pm, so I finished up and cleaned up, then we made dinner and watched Lost In Translation. Kayleigh had never seen it. Afterward, was Dexter. Of course.

And then bed.

Today I woke up early (for me...9:30am) and got ready to have coffee with Stephanie. She came over and we walked down to Bakery Nouveau (in 32 degree weather) for fattening sweet breakfast treats and double shot coffee. We cruised Northwest Art and Frame and looked at all the pretty Christmas stuff, and then farmer's market, and the on to Petco for some cat food, and then home. I changed into my sweats and curled up with Todd to watch the Hawks game.

Oh gawd. Come on, Seahawks!

I..... I just have nothing to say. Just. Nothing.

Then we had soup and sandwiches for dinner, then went to the store and loaded up on Turkey Day dinner makings, then Todd left for rehearsal. And I cleaned a little more. Got the kitchen squared away, and the floor mopped, as well as the whole bathroom cleaned. I believe I am done now.
So now I'm watching cartoons, having a glass of wine, and just chillin'.

I think I have earned not doing a damn thing come Thursday and Friday.

So there.

Even if this post is dry, I still get partial credit for blogging on a Sunday night, right?

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Lucy Leadskin said...

1 - You rock.

2 - You want to come down to our house and help with our garage?