Monday, March 1, 2010

Weekend Update

Despite a Friday therapy session with Tyler’s counselor, this weekend was damn near perfect.

It began by arriving home after said therapy session to presents from my hubby – Gummy Bear vitamins (shut up – multivitamins make me nauseous), iron pills and a bottle of wine. My man must really love me.

That night was pizza and a movie. Although, I just had a Pag’s salad (and one glass of wine). Wasn’t in a pizza mood. We watched Troy.


Brad Pitt as Achilles. Lots o fighting. A little lovin’.

I liked it.

And after the movie, bed.

Saturday, I actually woke up early (8:30am) so I called mom and we chatted for about an hour. Well, she bitched about the snow for about an hour. It’s just unreal. And if you look at the 10 day forecast for that area, it’s all more snow. When will it stop?

After chatting, I wanted breakfast from Easy Street, so the hubby and I walked down to the Junction. But the line for a table, and even the counter was way too freakin’ long, and Rae-rae had hit a code red, so there was no time to waste. After hitting a couple of other spots that either didn’t have what I wanted or were too expensive (Rae-rae is very high maintenance once she’s hit a code red. HUNGRY.) we ended up at Uptown Espresso. We had a nice little table by the window and good coffee and some kind of frilly, sun dried tomato scone and all was right with the world again.

And we ended up walking about 1.5 miles, so we burned calories, too!

Once home, Kayleigh and I made a Target run. I needed more hooks for our closet (it’s the year of the hook, I tell ya!) and Kayleigh needed a straightener and some headbands. We picked up some other essentials, then headed back home to start being productive.

But first, a quick stop by Steve and Stephanie’s to say hi. They’ve been out of town, and I’ve missed them terribly and I hadn’t seen Isabella since before Christmas! We had a nice 15 minute visit, then we were on our way.

Back at home, I was muy productive. I cleaned the bathroom from top to bottom (even used a toothbrush on the baseboards) then moved into the bedroom. And then….the closet.

Todd had put my hooks up, so I hung up as much as I could, just to get it off the floor. And now…wala!

My tension just melts away when I have a clean space. Even if it's just the closet.

By then it was time to get pretty and go to the annual Chinese New Year party. This is the year of the tiger, so there was all kinds of tiger trivia and other games. The night ended with each team doing a magic show (tigers = Siegfried and Roy = Las Vegas = magic show….see?) and being judged.

Todd’s team attempted to make one woman disappear! All the while, Todd danced around and flung himself around the living room with the flaming hoola hoop in his hands. He was very committed.

My team attempted to levitate one of our team members. However, since we were judged on showmanship, crowd response and then actual magic, we chose to really play up the showmanship aspect…seeing as how we had three women and one man on our team.

We came in second. The first place team actually did some magic. I think they should have been disqualified.

We didn’t get home until after midnight, so we crashed as soon as we walked in the door.

And then Sunday! Beautiful sunny day!
(sorry mom.)

Our neighbors Dave and Greg came over for brunch. I made a dutch baby. They were impressed.

They filled us in on our new neighborhood. Like, how the house next door to us, which is absolutely incredible, was a drug house when they first moved here. It was a little one bedroom, one bath, with appliances on the porch and cars in the yard. Someone bought it when the mother who lived there died, and fixed it up, and resold it for $250,000 more a mere six months later.

I love good stories like that.

After brunch, I got in my grubbies, stood up on the bed and cleaned the window in our bedroom. Which was covered in mold.

I hadn’t paid much attention to it – it’s small, high above our bed, and has sheers over it. But when I looked out Saturday morning to see where the rhythmic dripping was coming from, I noticed all the black fuzzy stuff. So that’s why Todd and I get stuffy as soon as we lay down at night!

Come to find, the window just pops right out! So I sprayed a bleach and water mixture in every nook and cranny, and used a toothbrush to get into the really tight spots. I put the window back in and was very proud of myself for such a thorough job.

Then I looked down at the bed.

Note to self – lay down an old sheet when spraying a bleach mixture. Our sheets are now polka dotted. Very hip.

I don’t care that my black yoga pants have splotches on them.

So, with the window mold free, and my closet all tidy, and Todd playing some dinging game on the computer, I curled up under a blanket on the couch and read for an hour.


(That night, I remembered we STILL haven’t gotten all of our thank you cards out, so of course I felt guilty for reading when I could have gotten some of those written up. But oh well. By April! April 1st is my deadline. I mean it!)

There was dinner and movie that evening, but the movie (about the Zodiac serial killer) was not working for me so I cleaned up the dinner dishes, took a bath, read some more (chose to think it was too late to work on thank you cards) then went to bed.

And this morning, my head is completely stuffed up and my ear hurts. Allergies? The beginning of a cold? Who knows. Things are starting to bloom here, so it wouldn’t surprise me if it were allergies already.

But I don’t want to take my loratadine because I’m already taking the pretty purple pills, iron, Gummy Bear vitamins and my…ahem…No Baby Pills. I’m afraid to throw one more in the mix! My system will explode, I’m sure of it.

To add insult to injury, Sir Pukes Alot barfed on the bed this morning while I was getting ready for work. I thought my pink sweater that was laying near him escaped unscathed, but no. And I did not realize it until I was in the car on the way to work.


But now, after a very long Monday, I’m sitting up in bed (with a freshly washed bedspread. Thank you, hubby), working from my laptop, enjoying a cup of Tension Tamer tea.

Life don’t look so bad.

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