Monday, February 22, 2010

Weekend Update

What a lovely, sunny, relaxing weekend. Wow.

Friday night was, of course, pizza and movies. Trish, Dan and baby Rosalind came over and we watched Pieces of April, starring Katie Holmes before Tom brainwashed her. I loved it. Patricia Clarkson played her mom, and you just can't go wrong with a Patricia Clarkson.

Saturday, Todd, Kayleigh and I drove up to CarPros to get the iPod chord and trunk cover that was listed on my window sticker, but somehow never made it home with me. And if I'm paying that much money for a brand spankin' new car that I didn't even want, by gawd, I'm getting the iPod cord and the trunk cover.

On the way home, we stopped by Blue C in Fremont for lunch. Kayleigh, and Tyler, love Blue C, as does Todd. I am a very lucky woman.

Saturday night we watched The Rocketeer and then turned in early. After having, gasp, dessert! Strawberries, angel food cake and vanilla frozen yogurt. Not too bad, huh? A semi-healthy dessert. The angel food cake has no cholesterol!

Because we've started reading labels more than ever now. The hubby's cholesterol was a bit higher than we like, so we're cutting back where we can. And butter was the first thing to go. We actually looked at labels, and holy cow, we switched to Brummel & Brown spread. The family had a stick of butter beside the toaster and that's what was put on toast and English muffins. But no more! A stick of butter has 30g of cholesterol PER SERVING. Margarine? Zero. And here's a tidbit - a stick of anything is worse than a whipped something or a spread. I've been reading up.

Anywho, Sunday was another sunny beautiful day, so Todd and I wracked our brains trying to come up with something the family could do outdoors that didn't cost any money. Ha. So we ended up walking down to the Junction and visiting the Farmer's Market. It got us out of the house for a few hours. Then I got a wild hair and decided to cook dinner. Pasta with a walnut pesto. Very yummy. Although, the kids didn't like it. What's new? Guess they'll have mac-n-cheese next time I make it. That's always a good standby for them.

And Sunday evening we watched THREE episodes of Buffy. Fantastic! There will never be another show quite as entertaining to me. The writing was so clever, and the humor so dry. Go Joss.

After Buffy, everyone retired to their respective rooms. And Todd and I settled in for story time. I've been reading him my journals. I started keeping journals when I was in 4 or 5th grade. I finally fell out of it around 1996, when I got busy with real life, and my live in boyfriend and partying five nights a week. At that point, you kind of forget to write.

We started reading them when I was freshman in high school. That was entertaining. I love so and so, but then so and so asked me out, but I think I love so and so..... Todd had a hard time keeping up. Then we skipped ahead and even at 20 years old, Todd was still asking, "Now, who was Bob?" I just tell him to keep up.

I don't know why my new husband wants to hear about all of my drunken exploits. But my "stories" absolutely crack him up. And I can't count the number of times I say, "Oh, Rae-rae. Really? What were you thinking?" The boy who called me a bitch and said I'd never find anyone to ever love me? Went out with him the next week.


So young, so stupid, so insecure, so desperate.

Thank goodness those days are over. I'm down to asking Todd maybe once a week if he still loves me. That's not too bad.

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