Wednesday, July 29, 2009


We hit 101 degrees today. In Seattle. The same city that was snowed in for three weeks last winter. Now we're burning up.

But global warming is a myth.


So, what else is going on, besides our famous weather? No one came to our open house on Sunday. That was a bit disappointing, but the house hasn't even been on the market for week, so it's a little early to start freaking out.

Oh, but you know me. It doesn't take much for me to freak out. Like Sunday morning, for instance. We were rushing around, trying to clean up and get out of the house by 10:30am because the open house was at 11:00am and it was already hot and for the love of puppies, why the hell can't you just PUT YOUR SHOES AWAY??

I may have had a meltdown. I may have thrown the garbage in the garbage can a little too forcefully. There were tears. And comments like "What the hell was I thinking, taking all of this on RIGHT NOW?!"

I may have scared Todd a smidge.

My therapist suggests that I am slightly stressed. Who knew?

But not to worry. All is good. Stress is to be expected during all of this. We're tacking the three biggest stress factors, all at once. The key is look at the big picture. Just a few more months and our house will have sold, we'll be moved into the new house and we'll have gotten through the wedding festivities. Then we'll be sitting on a plane, headed to Kauai.

Oh yea.

And we will not be moving, selling or marrying EVER AGAIN. Life will be gravy from here on out. Well, except for the whole teenager thing.


The rest of Sunday was lovely. I took off and had breakfast by myself down at Alki, then sat and watched the water and talked to a friend on the phone. Then I drove down to Nichole's baby shower. Lots of cute things. And when I got home, Trish and Dan were here, so we made a little deli dinner and chatted about our wedding and their pregnancy. Everyone seems to be in some form of change. Pregnancy, buying a home, having a baby. Big year.


And this week is just spent laying on the floor in the basement. This is the only time I love having the bedrooms down here. It's like a different climate.

We've got another three days or so of unbelievable weather, but then we drop down into the 80s this weekend. Ha. "Drop down". Funny.


Anonymous said...

"Drop down"? Not so darn funny. If your temps stay in the 90's, I may have to come visit or either go back to Texas! I'm just a little tired of it being 55 degrees at 7:00 a.m. and then not getting up past 75 or 80 during the day. TIRED OF IT!!!


The Hamilton's said...

I absolutely believe in global warming....but I have to say that the East Coast has had a much cooler summer than's been WEIRD! On July 4th in Pittsburgh, it was barely 70 degrees. Hope you guys catch a break soon.