Monday, May 4, 2009

Weekend…er….Week Long Update

My apologies for being non-existent recently. Life has kind of gotten the best of us recently, but I think we’re on the upswing. Just in time for Mercury to begin it’s retrograde on Wednesday. Fantastic. Guess I should enjoy today and tomorrow.

Last Monday, Stephanie and Isabella came over for dinner and I made my veggie enchiladas. The gals were quite impressed. Well, Stephanie was. Isabella just ate some pasta and then an entire bowl of black beans with her fingers. There were black beans on her, on Steph’s pants, on the chair. If she wasn’t so cute, my head would have exploded.

I finally got to hang out with Darragh Tuesday evening. It’s been a long time since we’ve gotten a chance to sit and catch up on each other’s life, and so much has happened in the last few months. We ordered some Pagliacci’s, opened some wine, and curled up on his futon for a few hours. It was a nice evening.

Wednesday, TBFE and I got a last minute invite to dinner from Dan and Trish. Yummy Thai food up on Queen Anne. It’s been a while since we’ve seen them one on one (or, two on two) so there was much catching up on this night, too.

Wednesday night was a long, eventful night, which led to working from home on Thursday. Really, not so bad. It was a beautiful day, so Todd, Kayleigh and I had lunch at the Celtic Swell and played on the beach for a bit. We were rejuvenated and Thursday night was much more restful.

And Friday night came none too soon. We watched The Longest Yard (the remake with Adam Sandler) for our Friday night movie and retired early. It was a rough night, for a myriad of reasons, so were up much early than I prefer on Saturday. We were productive from the get go, then the kids were off to game at the uncle’s, so Todd and I took advantage of the quiet house to lounge, snooze and watch TV. Until we got hungry and headed to Café Revo for dinner.

And we would highly recommend it to everyone. It’s a new Italian place down on Avalon that we’ve been wanting to try for a while. The food was fantastic, the waiter was attentive, the wine was lovely, the atmosphere was cozy but spacious and the prices were not too shabby.

Afterward, we attended the annual Cinco de Mayo party at Brittany & Erik's, who, coincidently, is making our wedding invitations. It’s good to know creative and talented people. While we didn’t partake in the yummy Mexican food at the party, we were all up in the Rock Band. I played bass (yay!), guitar (eh..), drums (oh, shoot me) and sang a few songs. I think the bass was my favorite, in addition to singing. Because, ya know, I’m like a rock star and stuff.

Home early from the party to curl up in bed and watch TV until the kids to got home from game. And then, thank goodness, a quiet and peaceful Saturday night.

I say, right on.

And Sunday was simply a beautiful day. You know those days when the stars align and everything just falls into place and you can’t help but smile?

Todd went off to coffee with his friend and I slept in, until Kayleigh knocked on the bedroom door. She had been invited to a friend’s house and needed permission. I said that sounded fine, and she said, “Okay, thanks. Sleep in some more.” She’s a good daughter.

But Tyler was up too, and there was no food in the house, so I was a good mommy and got up to scrounge up some breakfast. By bribing the children to walk down to the store and get syrup. We had everything else for pancakes. Just no syrup. And they were more than willing.

So, I made breakfast, then Kayleigh got picked up to go to her friend’s house and Tyler rode my bike to the park to meet up with his friend. Todd and I made a huge grocery shopping trip, then a huge Target trip. Then there was a little cleaning and organizing, then we each went off to pick up a child, then back together again to make a lovely dinner of hotdogs and pasta salad. And since we had been talking about Die Hard at dinner, we curled up for a Sunday night movie. Nothing like Bruce Willis killing German terrorists to wrap up a beautiful weekend.

Whew. I think you’re all caught up.
Now we can get back to posts about shoes and stuff.

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