Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekend Update

Let me just say that last week was absolutely insane at work. Cra.Zy. So Friday night movie night was very welcomed.

But before the festivities, Todd and I walked to the little produce stand a few blocks away. It was a lovely evening and I got to explore a little bit of my new ‘hood. It made me really crave summer when we can go for long walks and look at all the pretty houses.

Around 6pm, a bonafide Scottish friend, complete with accent, and her husband came over for Braveheart, one of the many movies I've never seen. And apparently, it’s a requirement to marry a Scottish man. Who knew?

Oddly enough, I really, really liked it. Even though it was Mel Gibson. This was before he went batshit. It was brutal, but not gory at all. There was just implied goriness.

So, movie, then bed.

Saturday, Todd and I were up and out early to take Ruby and Sportacus for servicing. (Hee….servicing.) Ruby got her oil changed (and a free car wash, which CarPros has stopped doing, but Helen, the gal in the Service Department likes me) and Sportacus got his 25,000 mile service. Todd and I had (a very crappy) breakfast at Shari’s then shopped at JoAnne’s and The PaperZone.

I love the PaperZone. I have no idea what to do with half the stuff in there, but I love it (and want it) all. I did pick up some bags for the wedding. It was very exciting.

That afternoon, Kayleigh went to a sleepover and Tyler got a wild hair to mow the lawn and clean his room. Huh. We don’t question these things. He had plans to bike over to his friend’s later, so Todd and I took off and had dinner at Ama Ama at the Junction to celebrate our 11 month anniversary (a day late). We had plans to attend the grand opening of the Feedback Lounge, but after driving by there and seeing people literally spill out of the place, we continued on home. That wouldn’t have been fun for anyone.

Once home, we got into our jammies and watched an Australian, modern day version of Macbeth.

I actually enjoyed this one as well. Go Todd!

It didn’t hurt that all of the actors were just hotter than hot. So, give them machine guns and have them speakin’ the Shakespeare stuff, and boy howdy, that's a good movie. And, in one scene, Macbeth wears a leather kilt with combat boots. I think I know what I’ll be gettin' TBFE for his birthday this year.

Sunday, Todd took me and Kayleigh to Starbucks for breakfast, then the whole fam (and Tyler’s friend) went to see Monsters vs Aliens. My first 3D movie. It was awesome. And, in a couple of scenes, nauseating.

After the movie, we grabbed some dinner, the retired for the evening. Because Rae-rae had had her feel of people and driving and obnoxious asswipes who blare their gangster rap and dogs and bugs and sunshine and I just wanted to hole up. And color my hair. Which I did. It’s red. And it stinks. But it’s pretty.

And here we are at yet another week. It’s just a continuous loop, isn’t it? Busy busy week, fun weekend when I get to sleep in, busy busy week, fun weekend when I get to sleep in…..sigh.

Looking at snazzy hotels and sandy beaches for our honeymoon isn’t helping any. I want November to come right now. RIGHT NOW.



TD said...

Nice to see we are supplying ample links to our readers on all of the points of interest. :)

I've started to link to trailers on YouTube, if only to avoid duplicating IMDB links. 'Cause I'm all about the teamwork.

Dee said...

What the??? No red hair pic?