Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I love Sun Chips, but they're too big to put a whole one in my mouth, and I hate being a loud eater so I don't want to bite them in half and make that crunching sound. So I break them, while they're in the bag, which slows my eating down.

Speaking of eating, I looked at swimsuits online yesterday and now I don't want to eat. I asked TBFE if maybe we could honeymoon in the Swiss Alps or Antarctica, rather than Kauai. He said no. Hmph.

But! I learned a nice little trick last night. Kayleigh, Todd and I went to The Charleston Cafe for dinner after Kayleigh's tai kwon do class. I wasn't too hungry and I knew the portions were huge, and my eye kept going to the chicken tenders on the kids' menu ($4.99!) So I asked the waitress if I could order off of the kids' menu. She said "Sure, but for a dollar more."

Sounds good to me!

The chicken tenders came with a salad, so that, plus the three large pieces of chicken filled me right up. Actually, I couldn't even finish the third tender. No one can really ever say that I eat too much.


H~ said...

Here's an interesting British food fact for you. P&G's lawyers argued that "Regular Pringles, which contain 42 per cent potato and 33 per cent fat and flour could not be said to be “made from potato”." It didn't fly and they have to pay taxes now.

I think that the PR people at Proctor and Gamble are going to have a nightmare on their hands now.

Anonymous said...

I always order from the child's menu - if not, then half of what I order gets thrown out.