Sunday, April 19, 2009


My rawk star birthday party was last night.

I got a tat just for the occasion.

(Oh, calm down, ma. It's fake.)

Luckily, things went pretty smoothly and we didn't have any incidents. The staff did a good job. Even though Doug the Doorman passed out on the job.

How ya like them shirts? TBFE goes all out for these theme parties. There were badges and buttons, too. And you had to get your hand stamped at the door.

Kayleigh was on duty, as well. She's become our staff photographer. She had the video camera last night.

We haven't had a chance to watch the video footage yet. I'm scared. If the camera adds 10 pounds, how much does a videocamera add?

Johnnie Cross and his woman showed up.

(My co-worker, and girlfriend, who really didn't have to "dress up" for the party. They're just that cool all the time.)

Kayleigh eventually skipped out on her duties to belt some songs on Rock Band.

Her voice is trashed today.

She also helped me learn how to play the guitar, while Ms. Johnnie Cross sang and Todd hammed it up for the photographers.

I finally got the hang of it.

All in all, it was a small, but lively party and the last guests left around 1:30am. Cause we are CRAZY PARTIERS like that.

Johnnie says, "Thank you, and GOOD NIGHT!"

More photos here.


TigereyeSal said...

I think this gal must be your long lost twin, Rae. Nice pics, btw!

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine why you think I would get upset about the tat!


Anonymous said...

I forget what I was going to say...oh yeah! The video camera adds about 20 pounds. VERY unfortunate...unless you are twiggy...then it's good - have you viewed it yet?