Friday, April 17, 2009

Random Thoughts

Foot season is upon us. People are starting to wear flip flops and sandals to work.

And I am not at all happy about this.

I do not like feet. They’re right up there with birds. Once I get to know the feet and if the feet are clean (no wirey hair or toe jam), then I can accept the feet and maybe even touch the feet. Maybe.

I have a pedicure tomorrow. So my feet look pretty. I don’t much like my feet either. Maybe it’s just the toes. I don’t know. But it takes a lot of gumption to get a pedicure. Don’t like people touching my feet.

So there.


We had a beautiful couple of days this week, but now we’re back to 50 degrees and rain. Rumor has it, this weekend will be sunny and warm. Which is nice because…..


I’m sleeping in tomorrow, then going to get a little breakfast on Alki, then have a mani and a pedi, then a few cocktails at happy hour with Jamie, then it’s time for my birthday party. I couldn’t take my actual birthday off (see: -2 hours vacation time in the bank) so I’ll do my dip in lake me on Saturday.


We’re back to looking at houses again. A few have popped up on the market that have gotten us excited, but then after looking at them, I just get depressed. One house was unacceptable because the beams in the ceiling we low enough that Todd would smack his head on them. Fantastic.

Our real estate agent has now added 7 foot ceiling requirements to her search for us.

Speaking of giants, did we tell you that Tyler is 5’9”? And I’m 5’2”?
Yeah, how intimidating can I possibly be, as I’m pointing my finger up at him?


Astrological Forecasts for 04/14/2009

Aries (March 21-April 19): Today is a 7 -- One thing after another doesn't go as you expected. There are detours and other complications at every turn. In this situation, it's OK to procrastinate. Wait until tomorrow.

Oh, okay. This is why we didn’t get to go to the aquarium (DMV took two and a half hours), didn’t get to ride the water taxi (the sign said they don’t accept FlexPasses, even though their website says they do, and the times were confusing because we forgot there was a Mariner’s game) and therefore, didn’t get to eat dinner on the waterfront (no way in hell are we driving downtown at 5pm to look for a parking spot under Aurora).

We ended up having dinner at the Bamboo Bar & Grill on Alki. Which was fine. Just not anywhere near the original plan.

I did get a very hot bath later and was asleep by 9:30pm. So, the day ended on a high note.


And now my day is almost done. We’ve got some last minute food and drink shopping for the party this evening, then movie/pizza night. I think Bolt is on tap. I don’t have very high hopes for the entire movie, but the preview of the little hamster in his plastic ball, saying “I have a ball” is just freakin’ hysterical. I’ll watch the whole movie just for that line.

Okay, time to finish up and get out of here.

Happy, happy weekend!

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