Monday, March 16, 2009

Weekend Update

Our weekend was jam packed with all of the excitement you would expect from me and TBFE. Isn’t that why you read our blogs?

Friday night was movie night. Steve, Stephanie and the most adorable child on the planet, Isabella, came over to enjoy pizza and “Over the Hedge”. Which is freakin’ hilarious, even to the adults.

Then early to bed because it had been a long, long week.

Saturday was a bit discombobulated.
Kayleigh should have marched in the St Patrick’s Day parade at 12:30, but due to a lost clarinet, the plan changed to not even go, which was a-okay because it was 35 degrees out and pouring the rain Saturday morning. And as you know, Rae-rae don’t do crowds. I did, however, buy some kava kava, which my massage therapist recommended to calm me in those anxiety-ridden situations. So I was ready!

But then the rain let up and Grandma Kit called to see if Kayleigh wanted to still go the parade so she could cheer for her girlfriends, so they were off at 11:30am. And Tyler had a meeting for Norwestcon so he was gone for a few hours.

The kids’ plans evolved and changed and changed again around us, but Todd and I held steady. In our sweats. Surrounded by paper. As we cleaned out the four drawer file cabinet. Pro-freakin’-ductive.

Kayleigh had an overnight after the parade, and Tyler was holed up playing some new video games, courtesy of a wonderful friend of Todd’s, so we came to a stopping point in our cleaning and went out for a nice mini-date. Then came home, curled up and watched a couple of movies. Freeway, which Todd had never seen and True Romance , which I had never seen. Both equally violent (well, True Romance was probably more violent) and twisted. And then to bed.

Sunday, Todd skipped his usual Sunday coffee with a friend and instead, took Tyler to see Watchmen. And I piddled around an EMPTY HOUSE all BY MYSELF for three hours (oh my gawd) until it was time to leave to go purchase The Dress.

Yes, the wedding dress had been purchased. It’s very exciting.

Unfortunately, it’s not a purchase off the rack kind of thing, so I won’t actually have the dress until August. Which is probably best. Because I could totally see myself locking myself in the bedroom to put it on and prance around. So yes, best that it’s not in my house.

After dress purchasing, Kim, who had joined me for the final try on, and I grabbed some lunch and just chatted. We haven’t been able to do much of that lately, and that makes me sad. West Seattle really isn’t that far from Ballard, but it’s far enough to make popping in on Kim-n-Tim-Milo very difficult. Maybe the summer will make it easier for all of us to get together and hang out. Barbecues, picnics at Greenlake, picnics at Alki.


Man, I can’t wait until the warm weather gets here.

Did I mention it snowed again this weekend? Yeah. It’s not so much fun anymore.

Where was I?

Oh, bonding with Kim.
After the bonding with Kim, I swung by the house to grab Todd and head to run a couple of errands. Then off to pick up Kayleigh and Tyler, then to Target for some house stuff, then to the grocery store for dinner, then home to cook dinner and clean up after dinner, then finishing up laundry, then picking up the bedroom, then painting my fingernails (hussy red!) then tucking everyone in and then finally, sweet sweet sleep. Ah……

I’m already looking forward this weekend.
How sad is that?

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Dee said...

I can't wait to see you in your wedding dress! And you're not sad to look forward to the weekends - we all do!