Wednesday, March 11, 2009

To Pee or Not To Pee?

I’ve been emailing with Nichole this morning about the poofy dresses. A lot of my Facebook statuses (stati?) have been about the poof. I do love the poof. The poof controls me. These hips were MADE for the poof!

Anywho, I mentioned that I needed to actually control the poof. I’d still like to be able to fit into a restroom stall. She mentioned (very sarcastically) about how going to the potty was in one of these things was just oodles of fun. Which made me think, what if I didn’t HAVE to go to the potty? What if the potty came to me?

Which is when I thought of David Sedaris’ very funny bit about the Stadium Pal.

I wanted to quote this, but when I Googled “stadium pal”, I found that someone has actually created it. And even better, there is a Stadium Gal.

Well, slap me and call me Sissy!

I could strap this baby on and I wouldn’t even have to try and cram myself into a bathroom stall. And no one would be the wiser!

Until about 9pm, after I had peed in this thing all day and the smell finally wafted out from under the gown. Talk about setting a mood for the boudoir that night! And thank goodness, TBFE and I aren't doing the whole garter thing. How embarassing!


Maybe I’ll just keep the poof to a minimum.


Lucy Leadskin said...

Ever try peeing while wearing an 1860s ball gown w/ monster hoop skirt? A party waiting to happen! :D

Today's veriword is 'coush': an uber-mushy sofa from your drunken grandma.

Anonymous said...

Um...there's a reason why pantaloons had split crotches, folx. Gather ye skirts (and squat) while ye may. Then pick up ye skirts and walk away.

Veriword here is galguis...short for Gal Guis: the stuff you leave behind when you squat in your skirts and let 'er rip.

Dee said...

Ummmmmm........I don't know what to say. :)