Monday, March 9, 2009

Long Weekend Update

My weekend actually started Thursday afternoon. I came home from work, sick. Not too terribly sick, but fighting something and just utterly exhausted. So I crawled into bed around 1pm, and slept until dinner.

Woke up Friday morning and just hurt, so back to bed I went.

Which, apparently was just what I needed because I was feeling much better by the time we headed out to a birthday party that night for a theater friend of Todd's. Luckily, the party was very tame. Like, curl up in a chair and watch the entertainment tame. There was also jambalaya, but I skipped it. As hard as it was.

I slept in Saturday (but still woke up in time to watch it SNOW), then TBFE and I made a big country breakfast. Biscuits, gravy, bacon and eggs. Yummy-poo. Around noon, Kayleigh and I jaunted off to a bridal shower way the hell up north and afterwards, we hit a bridal shop, just because we were nearby and I’m all about exploring as many options as possible before settling on a dress.

(I actually hit a fourth bridal shop late last week, where I found absolutely nothing worth even trying on. A clear sign I’ve made up my mind about a dress, huh?)

I tried on three dresses, more for Kayleigh than for me, but it just confirmed that I know exactly what I want. So, hopefully, I’ll get The One purchased in the next week or two. Might need one to try it on one more time, just to be sure.

After the bridal shop, we walked outside to find an amazing hailstorm/blizzard occurring. It was merely spitting a rain snow mix when we went in, but holy geez. You know the dipping dots ice cream? It looked like vanilla dipping dots everywhere. But they were little snowy ice balls. Baffling.

By the time we got back to Seattle, the sun was shining and the roads were dry. Huh.

Saturday night we curled up and watched Lars and the Real Girl, a very sweet and funny movie about a man and his sex doll.

Afterwards, I got a wild hair and went through the last two boxes of miscellaneous papers from the fire. I climbed up on the bed, turned the TV to "Happy Gilmore" and had a field day organizing the pertinent papers into piles and throwing the impertinent papers in the recycle bag.

And I came across an envelope that contained numerous cards and letters from complete strangers, who had written Todd and the kids after reading an article in the Seattle PI. Many of them sent checks. One woman apologized for not being able to send more but said she was in assisted living and on a fixed income. I just sat there, reading through them all and crying. I think I tend to forget how horrible 2005 and 2006 were for my new family. But reading the letters brought it all to the surface and put me right there with what they went through. I'm so impressed with how well Todd got himself and his kids through such an unbelievable year. And I think I am very lucky to have him, and the kids, in my life.




Sunday, even more sleeping in (not lazy, “sick”), then off to see “Always, Patsy Cline” at the ACT Theater. Don was part of the band, and while the play was good (just don’t get me started on Patsy’s singing….good, but nothing like the real Patsy), it was more fun to watch Don have such a great time. Hopefully, this will not be the end of his theater career.

After the play, dinner then grocery shopping then jammies, then curled up in bed watch Saturday Night Live specials and flipping through a wedding magazine. And asleep by 10. Whew.

And believe it or not, even with such a busy weekend, I feel pretty good. All the sleep must have kept the sickness at bay. Thank goodness.

And we're getting snow again today.
But global warming is just a myth.....

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