Thursday, March 5, 2009

Random Thoughts

Apparently it doesn’t matter how early I go to bed, I absolutely hate waking up in the morning. TBFE and I were in bed at 8:30 Tuesday night, fell asleep right at 10, and I was just as cranky and mad when I woke up. I’m tired of it.

Haha. Get it? “Tired” of it.

Man, I’m funny.


Went dressing shopping again last night. You just don’t realize how exhausting it is until you’re in your car driving home and you turn off the radio because if you hear one more ANYTHING you will cry.

Oh sure, it’s fun to walk around in the poofy dresses, but you’re also taking in so much information from the woman cramming you into the gown and from your girlfriends. I don’t know how women take five and six people with them. I could totally see myself losing it and telling them all to shut up.

Kim and Jamie aren’t bad at all. I don’t tell them to shut up.


However, this may be a sign that I’m getting into this wedding dress stuff more than I like to admit.

While looking through bridal magazines now, I can just glance at the name of the designer and think either “Ooh, I love their stuff!” or “Ew, not interested.”

I know the designers by name.
Just like I know my beautiful red shoes by name.

Anne Klein.



I’m thinking of taking up Bikram’s yoga again. I was going two or three days a week back in 2001 and I felt wonderful. The biggest indicator that I was going something really good for my body was that it was SO EASY to cross my legs. No hoisting one up on top of the other one.

Because my tendons were tight, not because my thighs were fat.
Just so you know.


I am in one foul mood today. I’m exhausted and I have a headache right behind my left eye.

I would say I can’t wait for the weekend, but the items on the agenda don’t even sound that fun right now. I told Todd last night, I just want to come home, crawl in bed and stare at the wall. Is that so wrong?

He says that’s maybe not such a good sign.


Rumor has it we’re supposed to get snow again this weekend. I’m alittle sick of that, too.


I think I need a vacation. We were invited to go to Hawaii with friends, but due to my stupid job and lack of vacation time, we had to pass.

I would settle for one of the islands for a couple of days. I’m not picky.


Sorry I don't have more exciting stuff to share with you.


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Lucy Leadskin said...

Sending you lots of relaxing hugs and a cabana boy!