Monday, March 2, 2009

I Can't Work Like This!

Saturday was the Duo film shoot.

Some of us were up at 6:15am because we were just too antsy and excited to sleep. However, I was not one of these people. I finally rose at 7:15am (on a SATURDAY) and demanded a Starbucks stop on the way to the studio.

Once all the gear was unloaded, I prepared bagels and coffee with Trish and watched as a plain ol' room was transformed into an artist's studio. I witnessed sound muffling tricks (blankets tacked to the ceiling), camera angles staged, actors getting their make-up, marks being taped to the floor, and TBFE yelling "action!"

It was all very exciting.

And, being the cut throat, attention starved, sleep-with-anyone-to-work-my-way-up-the-ladder-of-fame chick that I am, I was promoted from MBK (Master of the Bathroom Key) to Script Supervisor in a mere three hours.

Look at me, supervising.
And here's my honey, directing. With his rock star, albeit Longhorns, hand gestures.

(By the way, we got rid of that sweatshirt. It's an XXL and, as you can see, my baby ain't no XXL anymore. He's a svelte little XL. Look at those little hips!)

It was a really fun day, but it was also a very long day. It reminded me of recording D'Jever back in May of 2006. Sing for three minutes, wait around for 15 minutes. Sing for three minutes, wait around for 15 minutes. But you feel so cool just waiting around with your headphones on.

Anywho, we finally wrapped up around 5pm and, in quite the star fashion, we rewarded ourselves with food and drink at the Celtic Swell.

Then promptly crashed at 9pm.


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