Thursday, March 26, 2009

I Survived The Yoga

And in my Hanky Pankies, no less. Talk about adding to the challenge. Apparently, when I attempted to throw my regular ol’ undies in my backpack Tuesday night, I missed completely. And I was not made aware of my sucky aim until changing into my yoga clothes after work. So, it was either Hanky Pankies or no pankies at all. Which would have just been weird.

Anywho, my buddy, CB, and I survived our first night of Birkram’s yoga.

She never left the room, which impressed me since she was so worried about a heatstroke. She kept up until we were down to 20 minutes left in the class, then she just did one set of the poses and rested for the other set.

I kept up, doing both sets of poses, until about 10 minutes left. Then I started to get a bit claustrophobic and wanted to just get out of there. But then came the cool down, where you just lay on your back and relax, and the instructor turned the overhead fans on, so getting that breeze helped tremendously.

And I remembered how good the challenge felt. Focusing and holding my balance on one leg. Stretching from my toes to my fingertips. Sweating so much that I can literally wring my bra out. And because you face a mirror the whole time, staring at my cleavage which, I must say, looked amazing in my tank top.

Afterwards, the 40 degree Seattle weather felt fantastic. CB hung her out with window like a dog for most of the drive home. At one point I asked her a question and after a minute, she just looked at me said, “What?” I believe the brain was fried. But she gave it a big thumbs up and said she felt really, really good.

We have plans to go back this weekend.
When I have on regular underwear.

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TD said...

Your cleavage always looks amazing. But then I'm somewhat biased. ;)

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