Monday, December 8, 2008

Weekend Update

The weekend was good. But the week leading up to it was….off. Stars out of alignment, bad juju in the air, the Universe had PMS….I don’t know. But suffice it to say, here we are at Monday and everything has shaken out and life is good again.

Saturday was muey productive. Shipped mom and dad’s Christmas box home, went grocery shopping as Kim-n-Tim were coming over for dinner, vacuumed the upstairs (utter joy!) and helped TBBE hang the Christmas lights.

And here’s my I-am-woman-hear-me-roar story. We don’t have an exend-o ladder. Just a regular ol’ five foot ladder. You know I’m not good with measuring and math and all that, so when Todd said he was going to put lights up on the house, I envisioned the lights going up along the roof, which included the point above the front door and porch.

But the five foot ladder wouldn’t reach the point, even with a 6’4” tall guy on top of it.

Well. This would never do. The vision has been created, and you know I cannot deviate from the vision. If we couldn’t do the point, then I didn’t want lights on the house at all. I even walked down to the neighbor’s house because I saw an extend-o ladder in their carport (taunting me!) and no, I didn’t know them, but dammit, I wanted lights on the point!

The neighbors weren’t home. And their very large great dane was not happy that I woke him up.

Then there was talk of getting on the roof. Sure, Todd could get on the roof. He’s done it before. But Todd is a big man and if he falls, it’s going to hurt a lot more than if I fall. And I’m the one with the health insurance, so…..

Up on the roof I go! Because I wanted the lights on the point! And you know what? Roofs in Seattle are a bit more slanted than the roofs in Houston. And they have moss. I used to get up on the roof every year with Dad and hang lights. Well, he hung lights. I watched and generally just felt cool being up on the roof.

Roof is a funny word when you type it a lot.

Anyway, up on the roof I go. Trying to squeeze the staple gun was the hardest part of the process. That and leaning over the edge to make sure I was stapling them in a straight line. Cause you know Rae-rae – if they’re not in a straight line, what’s the point?

But all ends well! I survived the roof and the lights are in a straight line. For the most part. Now we just need to do the long side of the front and maybe, if we have enough lights, along the carport.

Sorry we slacked on taking pics.
But please enjoy TBBE’s rendering of the event.

That evening, Kim-n-Tim came over for some of my delicious veggie enchiladas. Milo stayed at home to chill with Grandma and Tyler and his buddy were holed up in his room, so we had some nice adult conversations, followed by a game of Apples to Apples. It was good to hang out with them for an extended period of time. And they had only met Todd at Milo’s birthday party back in June, so Saturday, everyone really had a chance to get to know each other.

That night, upon getting ready for bed, I made the mistake of taking two Benadryl. Elvis had been lovin’ on me and I had some itchy patches on my neck from him.

Well, just a warning. Two Benadryl is one too many. Knocked my ass out. At 10:30 Sunday morning, Todd came in to wake me and tell me he had made pancakes and I was still at the drooling stage of my slumber. Knocked.Out.

I finally got up and made it to the table for breakfast, but I was in a sleepy haze and barely remember eating at all. After breakfast, and checking my email, I laid on the couch and dozed alittle more. But we had a holiday open house that afternoon so I had to bring myself around sooner rather than later.

The open house was lovely. Yummy food and a great lesson on making turtles. The candy. Not the reptile. And funny thing – the host is a friend of Todd’s and a reader of our blogs. She and I have emailed about books and West Seattle, but I’d never met her before. This blogging is a funny thing.

And after the open house, back into the jammies just in time to watch the Seahawks completely screw themselves out of a win against the Patriots. They were winning!! The whole game, they were winning!! And the fumbled. Patriots won. Ack.

Then came home made pizza for dinner, followed by a couple episodes of Buffy, all the while doing laundry, followed by Sunday night animation. And at 9:30, bed. Blah.

More info than you ever wanted to know about my weekend, huh?

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