Monday, October 27, 2008

Weekend Update

TBBE does a great job of laying out the actions of the weekend, which makes it so much easier (and quicker) for me to simply throw in my little random thoughts and tidbits. Because, as I may or may not have mentioned, my new job is surrounded by people who actually adhere to the 30 minute lunch rule (so we're only at work 8.5 hours a day, as opposed to 9) which doesn't leave me a whole lotta time to blog because my blogging includes 20 minutes of self editing.

And I just used up 10 minutes on that paragraph (while eating my salad). Ack.


Did you know that blackberry bushes leave little infected welts on your skin when they poke you? Yeah, I didn't either, or I would have worn gloves when we were cleaning up the bushes next to the carport. Man, my hands hurt today. I've got four major owies. I've been pouring hydrogen peroxide on them, but that's not helping the pain. See why I avoid manual labor? I get hurt. I never get hurt when I'm sitting on the couch watching football. Never.

Unless I pull something while screaming at the TV.

Speaking of which, holy crap, we finally won a game! We beat the 49ers. Which, come on, they were 2 and 5. But hey, we won. Yippee.

Update: 17 minutes left in my lunch. Pardon any typos from here on out.

I got my beautician on last night. I colored Kayleigh's hair bright strawberry so now those blue eyes and freckles stand out even more. I was going to wait to do my hair (dark red) until Thursday, since it's a temporary color and I wanted it bright for Halloween, but I was jealous that K got transformed so I ended up doing my hair, too. I feel like a hottie.

And then I ordered fishnets with built in garters from Amazon this morning, so now I'm just feelin' naughty. My semi-respectable costume (albeit, still slightly trashy) is slowly morphing into Great Big Whore. And I don't care. It will make for good pictures when I'm 75 and looking back at photos and pining for my youth.

And in other news, my calendar is clear this week, as I must start packing. Must. Well, maybe there's a walk in there. And maybe dinner with Jamie. But that's it! I mean it.

Best Quote of the Weekend:

Kayleigh (grabbing a pair of 3 inch black, shiny stilettos at DSW, with a big smile on her face):

"These will definitely make you look like a slut. Try them on!"

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dee said...

You dyed your hair dark red?? Make sure you post a picture! And I LOL at your Quote of the Week. :>)