Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Alone and Productive

So, I finally finished the infamous magazine project. Whew!

Jamie gave me an expanding pocket filer Monday when we went to dinner. She asked if I needed it for anything (HA! Of course I do!) and that's when it hit me. I should put the pages that I rip out from magazines in these pockets (organized by beauty, fashion, household tips, decorating, holiday decorating, etc...... you get the idea...) rather than in the sheet protectors in the three ring binder. Easier access, easier to actually put them in the filer and the thingy zips up all nice and pretty!

In a mere three hours this evening I finished up the project. And it was just what I needed. Some alone time, in my sweats, on the couch, doing something for me. I haven't been doing a lot of that lately, have I? Yes, I'm enjoying the organizing and cleaning at Todd's and yes, that's for me so that I can get my stuff in there, but it's not really mine. This magazine project, regardless of how small and inconsequential this is, it's something I've been wanting do for two years.

And it's done.

Now what can I obsess over?


Anonymous said...

I just bought one of those! It's for monthly bills, etc. But I really like your use for it...may have to buy another one!


Heather said...

You can come to London and organise my desk in my flat. It's scary, and I need to sort all my important papers for upcoming Visa and Passport changes.

dee said...

I remember you working on that magazine project! Now that you have it done, you need to let me know how often you use those magazine articles. I used to tear them out and save them until I realized that I never looked at them again. And I still have the urge to tear stuff out "for later" but I resist!

Raechelle said...

As a matter of fact, Miss Dee, I pulled out that binder last night while on the phone with Todd.

We were talking about decorations for the party this weekend, and I remembered that Martha Stewart had and article where she cut out these little bats and spiders and put them on the underside of lampshades. And on glass vases, so when you put the candle in it, it gives off shadows. She even gave you the templates. So I went straight to the "Holiday Decorating" section of my binder and retreived said article.


You're impressed. I can tell.

And Heather - it makes me all tingly to think about organizing your desk. Next time I'm in London. Promise :-)

Dee said...

Well, you go girl - I am impressed. I didn't think anyone ever did those "Martha Stewart" things except Martha. I don't have the time or patience. But I'm sure your place looks alot nicer than mine - I have not one Halloween decoration! I certainly did not inherit my mom's creative genes!