Monday, October 20, 2008

Weekend Update In Random Thoughts Form

Shaun finally made it to a movie night Friday night and met my Other Friends, Trish and Dan. Worlds collide. And I was reminded of this exchange from Seinfeld. Elaine has invited George’s girlfriend, Susan, to join the group for something and George is freaking out to Jerry.

GEORGE: Ah you have no idea of the magnitude of this thing. If she is allowed to infiltrate this world, then George Costanza as you know him, ceases to exist! You see, right now, I have Relationship George, but there is also Independent George That's the George you know, the George you grew up with -- Movie George, Coffee shop George, Liar George, Bawdy George.

JERRY: I love that George.

GEORGE: Me, too! And he's dying Jerry! If Relationship George walks through this door, he will KILL Independent George! A George, divided against itself, cannot stand!


I sold my bed. It's official now - I have to move. McP is off to San Diego and, as luck would have it, needed a new bed. Whew. I was dreading listing it on craigslist and only getting a third of what I paid for it.

Looks like I'll be on the couch for a few weeks. Unless I can get rid of that, too. It's a sleeper sofa! And it's free! Unless you want the red pillows with it. Those puppies weren't cheap.

I'm also selling the brand new dresser that I assembled ALL BY MYSELF. The determination and sweat I put into that baby is worth at lease $150, don't you think?


Ruby got her 15,000 mile check up Saturday. She drove away with a clean bill of health. Except for the rear brakes. Apparently, we're at 30%. And apparently rear brakes cost around $200. Ha. I laugh at rear brakes. I have brakes on the front, right? I should be fine.


Saturday night, we went to see Night of the Living Dead at the Seattle Children's Theater. Odd, you say? Yes. It was. But it was also very funny.


Sunday was spent gathering Halloween costumes for the post Halloween party, and I am SO EXCITED! I will say nothing except the pointy-toe stiletto heeled boots are part of the costume. ROWR!

You'll just have to wait for pictures.


The reality that I am moving in in a mere three weeks hit home yesterday, so we have cleared our calendar for this coming weekend. We need to prep for the party on November 1, then the move the following weekend. Believe it or not, there is still cleaning to do, which includes some dump runs and organizational purchases.

Yeah, I said it. Dump runs. And I'm not going to re-word it.
It makes me chuckle.

Anyway, we got things to do.

In the meantime, however, I have a jam packed scheduled this week. Dinner with Jamie this evening (drinks beforehand with Cyn were cancelled. Whew.) Bob Schneider at the Triple Door tomorrow night. A Gilda's Club panel, in which I am supportive arm candy, on Wednesday. Walking and (hopefully) dinner with Shaun on Thursday. Then we're back to Friday, movies and oh, what's that? A five month anniversary.


Don't even mention the Seahawks game to me. Just don't.

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dee said...

Ok, I won't. (I do feel your pain though).
And maybe you shouldn't laugh at rear breaks. Just a thought.