Tuesday, September 2, 2008

This Is The Universe Speaking: You Go This Way Now

When Todd and I stopped by my apartment Saturday, I checked my mail. And the Universe left me a little note.

My rent is going up as of October 1st.

Well, huh.

Time to envision with me another pretty picture, dear reader.

We have in front of us a path. You know the path. We've been here before. It's a pretty path. Lots of trees and sunshine. This path is wide. Really wide. You can walk all over this path, side to side, in zigzags. You have options. But you're still moving in the same direction. Forward.

Now, picture the Universe (however she may look to you) putting up those red ropes you see at the movie theaters. She's making a little maze. She wants me to keep moving, but she wants me on the left side of the path rather than on the right side. Or maybe the right side rather than the left. She she puts one of these ropes in my way and it gently guides me over.

She's a sneaky one, that Universe. She knows where she wants me. Oh, sure, I could duck under the rope and run off the path like a screaming lunatic. Or I can trust in her. Keep my hand on the velvet and just let her guide me along. I still have to do the walking. I'm still the one moving forward. But, lets face it, I get distracted easily and before I know it, I could be off in the trees, lost.

The Universe has my back. She won't let me get lost.

(Photo courtesy of Slight Clutter.
Beautiful photographs. Thanks, Katya.)


Marcia said...

Beautiful pictures. Beautiful paths. Nice to hear you had a good weekend.

TD said...

What's funny is one of my first jobs in high school was ushering at a movie theater (and doing crowd control with those very red velvet ropes).

At least she's got a flair for the classic and didn't see the "ropes" as those nylon zippy things they use at theaters now...