Sunday, August 10, 2008

Tattoo Time

Since posting pictures of our tattoos is all the rage now, here's mine.

Pardon the blur. Hard spot, Todd's camera phone, trying not to expose too get the idea. Yes, those are my Hanky Pankys.

I got this when I was 19 and drunk on peach wine coolers. My friend, Val, bought it for me because I won a bet. What was the bet, you ask? I asked a guy at Paragon, a club we frequented, what toothpaste he used.

Stupid bet. I know. But I got a tattoo out of it!

I picked a moon and star because I'm a night person.
Well, I used to be. Now I have to be in bed by 10:30pm.



Heather said...

Oh that's lovely and that is a great story.

I might just have to use that as a chat up line sometime. "Hey baby, what toothpaste do you use is much better than "Hey baby what toothpaste do you use?" Although as I live in England, I'll have to be careful to see the teeth of the person first so I don't come off as rude.

TD said...

So, I'm assuming the drinking age in TX was less than 21, or else the club proprietors weren't too worried about serving underage... :-)

'Cause why would you bother going to a club where you couldn't drink?

This comment brought to you by "beykir", which is the Armenian spelling for someone who makes breads and pastries.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, very dumb idea! Would I go back and do it again? Hell Yeah Baby!!!!