Sunday, August 24, 2008

Composting - A Beginner's Tale

A few weeks ago, the city distributed BioBags* to put food waste in. Once the bag is full, we can just throw that in the community compost container down by the garbage. I aspire to compost (and I'm all about appearances), so I was going to spend $40 on a pretty stainless steel countertop composter like this:

But then I thought, "I have these bags. I just need something to put the bag in." And wala!

Ugly, but functional:

Still ugly, still functional, but now with pretty green bag hanging out of it.

Only $6! I'm so smart. The only drawback is that the $40 stainless steel container has a charcoal filter to help with the smell of rotting food. My little Goodwill container's lid is one of those sealing lids so that will help, but I'll need to take the bag out pretty frequently.

Looks like the BioBags are only about $6, too (for 25 of them). Now it's just a matter of finding a store nearby that carries them. Whole Foods? PCC?

Let me know if you've seen them anywhere.

*They also have litter box liners, dog waste bags, trash bags and leaf and lawn bags. The bags are made of corn, not plastic, so they break down naturally.

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Marcia said...

Good for you for starting a compost container. It's cute! I bet you could find the BioBags at PCC. I'm pretty sure I've gotten some larger kitchen bags there before.