Wednesday, May 28, 2008

When Blogs Collide

First and foremost, it appears that I have some new readers.

Welcome, new readers!
And my apologies for so few posts recently.

Since my personal life (see: Todd) has been ramping up lately, I haven't been as diligent (see: bored) as in the past when I would blog about what I bought at Bartell's, how wonderful my vacuum cleaner is and the fact that SOS pads made me homesick.

And maybe that's for the best.

But I'm also in a "buffer zone", so I'm not ready to tell you much about my new friend just yet . I need a little time to wrap my head around this sudden change in my life. Normally, I would be digging for the pretty pink pills and curling up in a ball on the couch at the thought of OH MY GAWD MORE CHANGE.

But not this time.

This is good change.
This is a new chapter.
This is a clean slate.

This may be what I've been waiting for.......


Anonymous said...
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TigereyeSal said...

Hi Raechelle,

Just checking in- I'm here from Todd's blog, and I'm all for forward movement and growth. Good luck to you both (not that you'll need much...).


tbone said...

Jeez - no pressure, right guys? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Raechelle,

Well, I suppose I should de-lurk under the circumstances...

Welcome to the circle of Todd's family and friends! (No pressure intended :-D

Nancy (Todd's mom)

Anonymous said...
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Carrie and/or Wayne said...

Oh thank goodness, another blog to read! Raechelle wasn't posting enough. If I didn't find another blog to read I was going to have to do something terrible like housework or interact with my children!

Todd's a hottie! :D

Anonymous said...

So your new 'friend' is distracting you from blogs about your vacuum? Wow. Must be some guy. ;)