Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Well, I Declare!

I am making a declaration! I mean it!

And if I put it on the blog, well then, I have to adhere to it. You people hold me accountable, whether you know it or not.


As of April 15th, I will go 30 days without purchasing anything that is not essential for my survival. This includes:
  • Nightstands or anything else for the boudoir
  • Clothing
  • Shoes
  • Hanky Pankies
  • Wine (unless it's part of the grocery shopping trip - cut me some slack)
  • Manicures
  • Bubble bath
  • Movies (even $3 Crest movies)
In addition to not shopping, I will limit myself to one (1) meal out per week, with adult beverages. ONE. This "meal" includes breakfasts and lunches.

Of course, there are a few exemptions (aren't there always?)
  • Morning coffee. It's $7 a week. I pay more than that for underwear now.
  • Massages are, in fact, "essential for my survival", so I will keep my future appointments.
  • Anything purchased with gift certificates. Cause I can't pay bills with gift certificates.
  • Mother's Day cards.
I am motivated to get those credit card bills down! MOTIVATED! Why? I don't know. Let's not question it. Let's just declare, and then hope for the best. And 30 days seemed like a good trial period. If it goes well, and I don't die, well maybe I'll do it for another 30 days. And if I do it for a few 30 days in row, maybe I'll get my credit cards paid off before I'm 60.

The key to success will be enlisting Jamie's help.

As a matter of fact, Jamie, my enabler, has initiated a shopping trip tomorrow evening. She does not know about this genius plan yet. I committed to shopping before I came up with it. This is why the plan starts on the 15th. Well, that and my Birthday Brunch-n-Spa day is Saturday.

So, between now and Tuesday (did I mention I took Friday off? I have some shopping to do......) I will live life to the fullest in Target and Nordstrom. But come Tuesday! I am On The Wagon.

I spend a lot of time On The Wagon, don't I?

Anyway, I will be On The Wagon! I will pay off my credit cards! I will put money in savings! I will start off year 34............wait.

My Christ year is 33. April 14th means I have completed my 33rd year of life. I've ALREADY HAD my Christ year. Your Christ year is your pivotal year!

Well. Last year WAS the big pivotal year, wasn't it? Huh. Or does your Christ year start on your 33rd birthday, going into your 34th year? Anyone?

(Exceptionally funny thing here - I googled "your christ year" to find clarification and the first site to pop up was my blog. It's a weird full circle kind of thing.)

Where was I?

Oh, right.

Here I go! Responsible adult! It's only 30 days. I can do this!

Wish me luck.
Send gift cards.


Heather said...

Good luck with your new wagon. I say go crazy and paint it red.

Oh and I decided to leave the US during my Christ Year-ended up beginning the process then and now look. So, yup a pivotal year. That's for sure.

Heather said...

oops- I meant to answer your question. I think your Christ year is 33 to 34.

And, you have the same birthday as my Grandmother. So, happy birthday to both of you.

Anonymous said...

You so funny! You? Not shop for 30 days?? Oh God, I'm falling off my chair!


Carrie and/or Wayne said...

That's what I love about your Mom, she's very supportive. hee hee! J/K Good luck - you can always pretend you are not shopping for the good of the earth, too ;o)

Anonymous said...

Girl, you can do it for 30 days. You could do it for longer if you really wanted to (you just wouldn't have as much fun) and yes, you do need to pay down your credit card debt - not that I have a clue what your debt is. If Kristin reads this she will be rolling her eyes b/c I always lecture to her about saving money -but, I've sworn off that for good. So since I can't lecture her anymore, I'll lecture you, you lucky girl! (And let me just say how proud I am of Kristin for paying off all her credit card debt)! If she can do it, so can you!
Aunt Annie, you are so funny. But then, if you can't be honest with your own daughter, who can you be honest with??