Sunday, April 27, 2008

Homesick, Blue, Blah....

I woke up this morning and had a hankering for my youth. So I made Coco Wheats and watched Looney Tunes while wrapped up in my jammies and a blanket. Gossamer is my favorite. And this scene where Bugs is doing Gossamer's nails and talking about how monsters are so int-er-resting.

I think I'm homesick. That's the only time I crave Coco Wheats.

And while we're reminiscing, here's my very first coffee mug. Yes, I used to drink coffee out of it when I was a wee pup.

Today is gray. In many ways. Yes, the sky is overcast and there are a few raindrops on my window, but I'm just a little blue, too.

But K-Ski is coming over for dinner! I'm making enchiladas and we'll watch The Committments and get our Glen on. I do love me a red headed Irish boy.....


Anonymous said...

Never heard of Coco Wheats - they look disgusting! Sorry your homesick.

Anonymous said...

Two more months and you'll be home for a week, so hang in there.
Can you believe Dee has never heard of Coco Wheats??? Where has that girl been. You ate them the whole time you were growing up and even had them mailed to you when we moved to Texas!

tbone said...

Get out of my head. I's all about the Looney Tunes. Steve and I have entire conversations out of Looney Tunes dialog.

Hmm. Coco Wheats looks like chocolate Cream of Wheat.

Raechelle said...

Oh, I live for the Looney Tunes. It's the only cartoon I remember watching. My desktop wallpaper right now is Bugs and the Bull.

And yes, Coco Wheats are pretty much chocolate Cream of Wheat. But I don't like Cream of Wheat. Or Grits. And they do look a bit disgusting in the photo. Sorry 'bout that.

tbone said...

Dude. In my animation program in college, we studied Chuck Jones cartoons with extreme scrutiny. I thought it might dampen my love for those classics, but if anything it made me respect that whole anything-goes, lightning-in-a-bottle time even more.

So maybe you and I could have entire conversations out of Looney Tunes dialog. ;)

"Hey, Laughing Boy! No mo buwwets!"

The Hamilton's said...

OMG....Gossamer is my fav, too! Only, I didn't know his name! :-)