Sunday, March 9, 2008

Wedding Dresses, Girls Night, Cowboys and A Coffee Date

It's been a busy weekend.

Saturday, I met up with Nichole to do some wedding dress trying on. She's getting married in November. Aren't I a good friend? I may have accidently found a few that I would choose for my wedding. So I'm ready. Just need the proposal.

After that, we grabbed some lunch, then I headed to Target. And the stars were against me. It was absolute hell. Between the traffic, the construction and the asinine amount of people, I was ready to kill someone after 30 minutes. I came home with shampoo, Windex wipes and the movie "Once", because I am absolutely addicted to it.

I napped for an hour, then it was time to get ready for the monthly girls' night dinner, this time in my neck of the woods. Rosita's (mexican joint) at Greenlake. Since I hadn't had a margarita in about eight months, I treated myself to three of 'em. Good times.

After dinner, we hopped across the street to the Little Red Hen. Boy howdy, I gotta start hangin' out there more often. I danced my tush off. Then the gals decided the keyboard player wanted me, so they gave him my number. Turned out he was married. Fantastic.

Have I told you about my love of cowboys? Case in point:

Those last two are from Tootsie's Lounge in Nashville. Steve and I were having a wild night. Met up with a couple from Iowa and drank a lot of jack and cokes. And I was grabbing every cowboy who walked by. Steve wasn't helping matters by taking photos. The next morning I woke up with a hole in my favorite blue jeans and neither one us had any idea how it happened. Crazy. Thank goodness I'm out of the phase, right? You'll be happy to know that I did not kiss, nor hug, any cowboys last night. Although I did make eyes at a few.

This morning, I had a coffee date with a Match guy. He's very funny and nice so it was pretty painless. No biggie. Really.

After coffee, I toodled around Ballard for a bit, came home, watched a movie, fell asleep for three hours and have done absolutely nothing productive at all. Blah. Apparently I am not the party animal I used to be. Again, probably a good thing.


Cashmere Addict said...

I've only been reading this blog for a little while, but I must ask... did you get your hair cut?? It looks soooo good!! I'm toying with th idea of cutting mine really short (even though I'm really tall) and seeing your haircut makes me think I should.

Raechelle said...

Hey there Ms Addict,
No, I haven't cut my hair. These photos are from years ago, when I did get a wild hair (ha! no pun intended) and whack it off. I do that every now and then. But now it's a mission! How long can we get it?!

Cashmere Addict said...

Cool... at least I know I'm not crazy and seeing things. :-)

I've been growing mine out, but have been feeling like I need to do something drastic... we'll see if I follow through.

Have a good Tuesday!