Monday, February 11, 2008

Weekend Update

Well, I caucused Saturday. Not too difficult at all. I went in, found my precinct, realized it was the wrong precinct because they had my old address, found the new precinct, wrote The Name, filled out a change of address form and left. I know that after I left, people were divided into groups and there was a lot of discussion and people tried to pursuade people, and that's where politics lose me. I did my part. I may not have gotten the full experience, but at least I went. So there.

Then I went all the way down to Covington for a party. Hung out there until about 5pm, then came all the way back to Seattle to have dinner with the Sheauns and see "Into the Wild". Good movie. Long movie. But a good movie.

And then home and into the jammies.

Sunday, I slept until 11:30am. I'm not sure why. I blame the drive to Covington.

I made breakfast, talked to mom and dad for an hour, watched "Sleepless in Seattle". I finally got motivated around 5pm when Jamie emailed and mentioned she was trying to think of something for dinner. I immediately called her and said "I need a reason to leave the house. Let's go eat." She's good for impromptu plans like that.

Then back home and back into the jammies. It was dark and windy all day so it was a good curl-up-and-watch-tv day. Not a thrilling weekend, but that's okay. It was nice.

And here we are at Monday. If I can just get through this week, I will be rewarded with Monday off! Presidents' Day! Whatever shall I do on this long weekend?

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