Monday, February 25, 2008

My One And Only Political Post (maybe....)

A few thoughts on politics, since I'm actually getting into it this year.

First, when will Ralph Nader just disappear? He is officially running for president, AGAIN. A mere 10 months before the election. Why does he keep doing this? Does he really think he has a chance? Does he realize that the votes that are going to him, could actually be put to good use? Crap.

Second, who the hell is this Tom Buffenbarger guy? I see the word "buffoon" when I read his last name. Coincidence? And is Hillary happy that he's on her side? I would be mortified if this jackass got up and tried to rally my supporters by blatantly insulting a very large part of the population. What a way to inspire and encourage people to vote and make changes. Insult them and tell them they're stupid for not voting for Hillary! As if her campaign wasn't suffering enough right now. I don't get very passionate about politics, but seeing this video clip on the news just made my mouth just fall open. What the hell was he thinking? And the people (the Democrats!) who stood behind him and cheered? And supported his just flat out mean rant? What the hell?


It's like we have two different Democratic parties now - Optimist And Naive, and Old School And Mean. It's very sad. As if two different parties wasn't messy enough.

And, Barak Obama is a christian, despite the rumors.


Anonymous said...

Ralph's ego needs some more stroking...

dee said...

Yep - name-calling, mud-slinging, insulting people - politics in a nutshell. Nice, huh? I'll be glad when the election is over and done with.