Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Was It Something I Said?

This dating shit sucks.

Everything starts off peachy with the Potential Date this evening. Jokes are made, laughs are shared. Everyone's all touchy feely. But then.....something happens. Was it when I said I liked football? Was it when I mentioned I can't play bar chords yet? I'm not sure.

All I know is there was clickage and then......nada. Something, very similiar to a light switch, flipped off. The light went out. The laughter stopped. Ack.

I was walked to my car. We hugged goodnight. Poof. Date over.

I could take this personally. But I choose not to. I choose to think he suddenly got tired, or maybe he wasn't happy the way his set went, or maybe I'm just so cute he got scared and didn't know what to do. Yes. I'm sure that's it. I'm just too cute. I'm intimidating.

Damn shame. He was a sweetie.


Back to square one......


Dee said...

Well, if the light switch was going to flip off, better to do it on the first date. No need in wasting time. Many more men out there to try out. And I'm sure it was b/c you're so damn cute. We can't help it - it runs in the family. ;>)

Kristin said...

Dating is my hell on earth. But it's necessary (when you've been single for over two years). So I've decided that I will not turn anyone down at this point. Regardless of if I think I'll like them or not, their age, what they look like (well, to a certain extent - gotta be at least semi attracted off the bat). Anywho, my point is that dating sucks. It's so nerve racking! And obviously he got intimidated b/c you are too darn cute. If he can't handle ya, he can't handle ya. His loss.

Heather said...

Think of it like trying on clothes. He may have appeared to fit right in the dressing room, but I bet once you got him home the stitching might have been shoddy. Or, he might just be a fad, like leg warmers-in one year and out the next. If it didn't cost you much you got a good deal for one wear.