Friday, January 25, 2008

The Stimulus Plan

I do not understand this stimulus plan.

We get money in the mail and then we go spend the money, preferably on frivolous things, and suddenly the economy is stimulated? By money that was taken out of some government account? Isn't the government in debt? So, are they just going to print out more bills? Cause they can do that, right?

It kind of sounds like, me buying presents for all of my friends (wooing them, if you will), in hopes that they will, in turn, buy me a present. If I had all that money (billions) to buy them presents, why wouldn't I just go out and buy my own damn present?

I hate to be unpatriotic, but I will not be frivolously spending my little check this summer. I will proabably pay down some credit card debt or my student loan. Wouldn't it be funny if every single person who got a check put it toward their credit card bill?

George would be sitting back, saying, "Waita minute. The economy ain't stimulated? But we sent them checks. Didn't they buy cars and XBoxes? They were SUPPOSED to buy cars and XBoxes!"

Maybe there will be instructions with our checks.


The Hamilton's said...

LMAO....I'm right there with ya. I'll be spending a nice sum (~$1800) on our home equity line! Now, in the long run, that may help in a strange way b/c I'll feel a little better about the debt we have. I don't get it either, though. I'm happy to get some $$, but yes, this country is in debt up to its eyeballs and we're about to make it a ton worse.

dee said...

Ahhh....but you see it will help that people put it on their credit card debt b/c then they'll feel better about their credit card debt and wallah! They're ready to spend again. Or you could be like me and actually stimulate the economy by taking a trip (since I have no credit card debt). I did, however, have the same question that if our country is in such debt, where is this money magically coming from? But, I shall never look a gift horse in the mouth. I will take a check in the mail any day and be happy about it. (And you'd be surprised at how many stupid people will go out and by xboxes and cars when they shouldn't)!

kristin said...

I agree, mom. If you want to give me $600 Mr. Prez, I will take it w/out a complaint. My mortgage is draining me and that little lump sum of money is going to come at the perfect time. And I'm sure I will spend at least half of it on wine or something, so it will be going back into the economy :)