Monday, January 28, 2008


I think I'm having a stroke. I'm smelling sauerkraut. And that's just weird.

Funny thing though, sauerkraut and hot dogs were meal in the Marsh household when I was growing up. And while the smell of sauerkraut makes me sick, it does bring back fond memories. I don't really eat hot dogs either, except from the little stands on Old Ballard Avenue at 1 in the morning after a few drinks. And I think sauerkraut is one of the toppings. I never get it though. Just a little mustard and a little ketchup.

Cream cheese is a topping option, too. I hear it's a New York thing. My east coast friends say that's a load of crap. I must have an east coast reader or two. Do you guys put cream cheese on your dogs?


Karen G. Anderson said...

Lived in Manhattan, never heard of cream cheese. The whole point of NY hot dogs is that they are all beef and often kosher. If you put cream cheese on them...then they wouldn't be kosher.

dee said...

Cream cheese on a hot dog??? Never heard of it, probably will never try it. From your east coast cousin.