Friday, December 14, 2007

Very Superstitous

It just occured to me that I'm wearing the same outfit today that I was wearing on Friday, November 2. The night The Shit Hit The Fan. And I'm in an extremely chipper mood, just like November 2. And I'm having people over tonight, and a few of those people are the same people that I spent the night of November 2 with.

You see my problem here, don't you?

I'm very superstitous. What if this outfit is cursed? What if my day just appears to be freakin' fantastic and then at 1:30am, More Shit Hits The Fan? I was so incredibly happy on November 2, but then.....ack.

Maybe it will be different because I won't be wearing the same outfit tonight that I wore that night. That was a dressy night, tonight is a casual, hanging out at my place night.

I think too much, don't I?


Mom said...

You don't think too much, you "analyze" too much!

Dee said...

You think and analyze too much! And why on earth do you remember what you were wearing on November 2???? I can't remember what I was wearing yesterday! Well, yes I can - my Redskin jersey. Go 'Skins!