Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Home for Christmas, Day 5

* I awoke at 9am to the sound of rain. Lots of rain. Cow-pissin'-on-a-flat-rock kind of rain. And a little bit of thunder.

* Shower, dressed, coffee, oatmeal, then out to the door. By myself. My godmother was taking me shopping. Look out!

* Sushi, Banana Republic, Express, Ann Taylor, Talbots, Gap and finally.......Starbucks. Ah. New pants, shirt, sweater and dress. And cute, little nighty that I treated myself to. Cause I'm all single and gettin' smaller and one of these days (if I don't piss off kharma again) I will have a reason to wear a cute, little nighty. Dammit.

* Home to figure out how to pack all of these presents. Mom has to give me yet another bag. Which is what I was avoiding because everytime I come home (even when it's not christmas) I end up going back with so much stuff, I need another bag. They're piling up in my storge area.

* Dinner.

* Pie. Oh god, the pie. I've eaten more sweets in the last five days than I probably have since June. Except for the Ben & Jerry's kick I got on in November. Which, due to an exorbitant amount of stress, was very much warranted. Let's not talk about that.

* TV. Lounging on the couch with the cat. Sneezing my head off. But Goober is worth the sneezing. Such a cutie.

* Blog time. Then bedtime. If I can bring myself to turn off the TV before midnight. So many channels!!

Pic of the day:

I didn't take any pictures today, so please enjoy this photo of me. Age 4. Ah, my modeling days. My mom's boss at the time, an amateur photographer, shot a whole series of our family. And they're all just great. I don't know where the rest of them are. I just ran across this one by accident. And mom has a scanner! So no more taking pictures of pictures! At least, until I get home......

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Tisha said...

Loved the pic again!