Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Home for Christmas, Day 4

* I am awakened at 9am. Mom's ready to open gifts. She's waited long enough.

* We open gifts. I got foo-foo bath stuff, a hat, a scarf, fleece, picture frame and cash. Can't go wrong with cash.

* Breakfast - at 11am. Dad was getting weak.

* More iTunes coaching. Mom has now bought songs, made two playlists and is almost ready to burn a cd. It's very exciting.

* Lazy, lazy afternoon. Lots of laying around. A perfect day. I brought a book, but have yet to pick it up. But I'm relaxing and that was the goal of this vacation. It's all about me!

* Dinner, entirely provided by Honeybaked Ham. Ham, potatoes au gratin, and baked apples. It was a christmas gift. Made a salad and some greenbean casserole and had pumpkin pie for dessert. I'll be curious to weigh myself Monday at work.

* TV time. Mom and dad actually watched Family Guy with me. And laughed! I can't get them to eat better, but I can get them to watch raunchy cartoons with me. Point for Rae!

* Blogging time. Soon, bedtime.

Pic of the day:

You may wonder why I don't mention dad very often. This is what dad does. He's got a nice little smoking lounge set up out in the garage. And yes, that's a heater at his feet. And cable on the TV. He has all of the comforts of the living room, plus a lovely view of the driveway and the cars.


Anonymous said...

lol that made my day night week year!!! That's so funny.

Kristin said...

Hahaha!! I laughed out loud and pretty hard at that pic. Fantastic!!!