Thursday, December 6, 2007

Enjoying the Freedom

Shaun took me out for indian food last night and I had lamb. Tender, juicy, tiny little pieces of lamb. Yum. It's just one of the many ways I'm asserting my new singleness.

Other ways include:
Belching. A lot. And then I giggle.

Putting mushrooms in everything. I keep a big bag of them in the fridge. I especially like them in salads.

Listening to country music very loudly.

Not muting the chiming feature on my Quicken so everytime I hit enter, you hear "Cha-Ching!"

Deep bowls. They would be horrible for cereal. Just horrible.

Letting my alarm (which is the radio) play from the time it goes off at 6:30am until I decide to roll out of bed, usually around 7:00am. No more shutting it off quickly for fear of waking someone.

Wearing the same thing every evening after work - gray sweatpants, red t-shirt with my blue Seahawks sweatshirt over it.

Chewing with my mouth open. Especially when I'm eating tortilla chips. This is just at home, when I'm feeling all superior. I still have good manners.

Slurping my tea. Again, just at home.

Using Method Green Tea foaming hand soap.

Sprawling across my queen bed. But that's just a given.

I think I'm relishing in my alone time more these days. Alone time used to mean sad, boring, unloved, lonely, pathetic and pitiful. Oh, but no more! I still get bored. I still get a little blue and wish I had someone to snuggle with on the couch. But if you pile up enough blankets (especially the ones with the satin edges) it's almost as warm. Pop in a Buffy dvd and hot damn, that's a good time.

I'm also flying through my magazine project. I'm down to maybe five or six magazines that I still need to go through, out of 40. Now I just need to get some sheet protectors and then slide the pages in the sheet protectors, then categorize them and file them appropriately in the designated three ring binder so that when I need to know what face cream is good for combination skin in the summer and also has SPF but yet won't clog pores, I can flip right to that page!

Okay, maybe I'm still a smidge pathetic. Just a smidge.

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