Sunday, December 16, 2007

Cookie Update

Now we're on to the chocolate chip cookies. I also wussed out and bought the pre-made kind. But Ballard Market didn't have the Log O' Cookie Dough. They just have the Block O' Cookie Dough with the little precut squares.

Think anyone will notice?

Yeah, me either.
And yes there's one missing because I'VE HAD A ROUGH DAY.

The sugar cookies are as equally disappointing.

Half of them are burnt, half aren't decorated. Martha Stewart would not be proud at all. I just suck this year. I have a reputation to uphold. My image as a domestic queen is in jeopardy.

I may cry. I mean it.

Or go organize something to get my self esteem back up.


Mom said...

Yours look much better than mine. Plus mine didn't even taste very good. They were from the tub of cookie dough that you buy from kids selling stuff for their school. I even added more choc. chips and it didn't help much!

Dee said...

I think they look damn good. Want to feel better about yourself? I probably won't even get to make any cookies this year! Go ahead - feel good about yourself! ;>)

Kristin said...

Feel even better - not only did I not make cookies this year, I didn't do Christmas cards. So you're way ahead of me woman.