Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Why do I keep trying to give up coffee? That's just stupid. I hadn't had coffee for....what.....five days? Life is so much happier with coffee. I understand why they call it a drug, but it's a cheap drug and readily available on every corner. So why do I keep thinking I'll be better off without it?

I have given up alcohol, however. At least while I'm taking the pretty pink pills. I think I might die if I give up coffee, too. My poor system would just shut down. No alcohol?! No caffeine?! What the hell?!

Confession: I drank my revive fruit punch vitamin water out of a wine glass last night while I took a bubble bath and listened to christmas music. It was like a rose. And it made me feel cool.

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Anonymous said...

Girl - they now say coffee (in moderation) is good for you. So drink up!